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{Review} Come Back To Texas by K.K. Hendin

Come Back To Texas (Twelve Beats In A Bar, Book 1) - K.K. Hendin

Nate and Hayley fell apart when he headed off to the military and then war, and while they’ve never really gotten past their feelings for each other, they’ve both moved on with their lives.  She’s off at college, making friends and music with her a capella group, and hiding away her residual love for Nate.  Nate, on the other hand, is a world away, simply trying to survive in a war zone and hoping that one day he’ll be deserving of the girl he left behind.


But... For a book billed as romance, there really wasn’t much happening in that department.  While Nate spends his time uploading videos about his feelings for Hayley, she’s simply moving along with her life, completely unaware of his heart being bared online.  In fact, aside from a few flashbacks, the two have zero communication and don’t even speak directly to each other until the very end of the book.


The Verdict:  If I’m being perfectly honest, I have to say I got bored.  The writing was good, and the story was interesting, but instead of moving forward, it all seemed to grow stagnant.  I’ve read plenty of good stories in which the two destined characters lived rather separate lives for a good part of the story, but never for 99% of it.  Nate’s video diaries, in which he professed his love for Hayley and begged her to come back to Texas were sweet, and I kept waiting for her to notice as they went viral.  But she was completely oblivious, and her part of the story (which was the bulk of the book) was simply a telling of her day to day life after Nate, interspersed with little flashbacks of their high school romance.  I was tempted to start skipping chapters in the hope of stumbling across the one where they finally reconnected.


Come Back to Texas is the story of a college student not over her high school boyfriend, and the soldier he became realizing he’d do just about anything to have her back, but in many ways, that’s all it is.  She remembers their being together while he spends his days trying to get her attention on YouTube and convince her to move back to Texas where he’s starting over after having been injured at war.  Their memories of each other and enduring love are certainly sweet, but it’s all about their path to reconnecting, and the story rather abruptly ends once they’re reunited.  Perhaps if it hadn’t been billed as romance, I would not have been so disappointed, but I feel like I read an entire book of filler for just a hint of future romance in the last few pages.



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