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{Review} Me Tarzan You Jane by Camelia Miron Skiba

Me Tarzan - You Jane - Camelia Miron Skiba

Makeup artist Jane is going through the motions, but she's never really put her life back together after the death of her husband. Raising their young daughter and keeping his memory fresh in her mind seems in some ways to be all she's capable of doing. So when she's stuck working with a cover model who turns every woman's head while his arrogance works her last nerve, she's pretty sure she's incapable of any kind of relationship — especially with someone as irritating as the famous Lucas Oliver.


The Verdict: I had really high hopes for this one and was so excited when it landed in my inbox, but it never really lived up to what I'd expected.


Jane was likable enough, and her daughter was sweet and super-cute without being over-the-top. But Lucas was hard for me to stomach for most of the book. Aside from the fact that he loved his brother and was nice to Jane's kid, he didn't seem to have a single redeeming quality, and hating the lead man for 40% of the book doesn't really make for an enjoyable read.


The writing was fine, except for that fake undercover cop thing at the beginning, but I realized after a while that I was just pushing myself to get to the last page just so I'd be done with it. I think my complete dislike for Lucas really colored everything else I might have felt about the story, and by the time he was ready to be a decent guy and go for a relationship with Jane, I was just tired of it all. Jane was too much of a pushover, never putting her foot down when it came to being told what to do, and Lucas was… Well, he was just Lucas the jerk for way too long. I'm all for stories that have people hating each other at the beginning and then making their way toward love at the end, but this one just didn't do it for me.



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