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{Review} Sweet Girl by Cristin Harber

Sweet Girl (Titan) - Cristin Harber

Cash and Roman have been inseparable friends for years, never really minding that Roman's little sister Nicola has always tagged along. Now in college, though, the dynamic has changed, with campus player Cash suddenly taking a second look at the woman that sweet little girl grew into. When Cash and Nic realize their feelings are mutual, it looks like happily ever after isn't far off, but Roman's going to blow a gasket when he finds out what's been going on behind his back…


But... Well, I didn't really do my research. I grabbed this book months ago when I noticed it was free on Amazon, along with a long list of others that caught my eye. So when I was in the mood for just the right New Adult Romance, I popped it open on the Kindle. And for about 95% of the book, I was thinking it was absolutely perfect. But then it took a weird turn, killed the relationship, and ended on the most frustrating cliffhanger ever. Of course, if I'd done my research, I'd have known that this was a prequel to a book that has Cash and Nic reuniting TEN YEARS LATER. Sooooooooo pissed off right now. And it's all my own damned fault.


The Verdict: So let's just focus on the 95% of the story for which I was prepared, shall we? After all, it's not the author's fault I'm oblivious. Anyhow…


Nicola's always had her big brother and his best friend Cash to pick on her and look out for her, and when all three are together at college, it's no different. But she wishes it was. She's been crushing on Cash for way too long, and all this time he's been treating her like a little sister, a best friend, and not the woman she wishes he would see. Watching him hop from bed to bed across campus is getting old, too, but she doesn't have any grand plans to change his view of her.


Cash, on the other hand, isn't just noticing Nic. In fact, he's been noticing her for a few years now, but he doesn't want to mess up their friendship, doesn't want his reputation as a bit of a womanizer to spoil any chance they have, and certainly doesn't want Roman to kill him for the thoughts he's been having about the girl who's always been like a little sister. But he's tired of running guys away from her, watching them hit on her, and keeping his feelings to himself.


What surprised me was how easily Cash and Nic came together. In most books with the same basic premise, they both fight their feelings, or maybe the girl has to turn up the sex appeal to get noticed, or perhaps the guy does his best to show her he's no good for her. Not so for with these two. In fact, Cash pretty much lays it on the line and leaves the decision in Nic's hands. She doesn't exactly jump at the chance, part shocked that it's even happening and part needing to know exactly where she stands. But with a little reassurance, she's all his.


I kept waiting for the whole thing to blow up, of course, since they were keeping their relationship a secret from Roman. And as the days and dates ticked by, a few people began putting two and two together. Unfortunately (for me as an uninformed reader), the big blow up was more literal than figurative, when Nic stumbled on an organized crime mess, had her death faked so she could go into witness protection, and then left me all stunned and freaked out and mad that I have to buy the next book. Then again, it's been a while since I've read a really good action romance…



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