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{Review} Just the Way You Are by Beverly Barton

Just the Way You Are - Beverly Barton

I've never read anything by Barton before, but I figured that between the success of her writing and the intriguing synopsis, this one would be an easy winner. Not so at all.


The general plot sounded great. Woman is cheated on by her fiance, finds herself attracted to another man, and that other man turns out to be her fiance's brother. There's so much potential for drama and emotion, and I really wanted to see it all play out. Unfortunately, it started off very shaky, and when the two-dimensional characters all came into play, it just got worse.


Mary Beth is your typical good girl, and she's engaged to a selfish jerk. He cheats on her at their engagement party, and she finds a sympathetic stranger to talk to, someone she's instantly attracted to despite her broken heart and confusion about her future. Said stranger is Parr, brother to her awful fiance, but he's not bright enough to realize that the crying fiancee he's talking to at an engagement party is his brother's woman. And when he does? Doesn't matter. He's angry at his brother and wants to win the girl. Worse than those three are the parents, all of whom seem more interested in marrying off their mismatched, unhappy children than supporting them. Parr's mother actually asks him to intercede and help the broken couple patch things up, and Mary Beth is just enough of a doormat to try to look past her fiance's cheating.


I had high hopes for this one, but I realized rather quickly that I wasn't going to enjoy reading it. I'm used to some contrived drama and even a few cardboard cut-out characters in romances, but this was just too much. When the set-up is so thin, the characters so oblivious, and I end up not liking any of them enough to care what happens next, it's time to bail and find something else to read.



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