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{Review & Giveaway} Seaside Secrets by Melissa Foster

Seaside Secrets - Melissa Foster

It feels like Amy has loved Tony all her life. Since that nearly perfect summer when it seemed like forever was theirs, she’s returned to Seaside every year, where they pretend they’ve never been anything more than friends. But Amy’s tired of pretending, and while she doesn’t want to face the past, she can’t imagine a future in which she doesn’t finally give in and take a chance with Tony.


The Verdict: Tony and Amy had one magic summer together years ago, but ever since then, they’ve gone back to acting like friendship is all they’ve ever had between them. Neither one of them has forgotten, certainly, but the horrible way they ended isn’t something Amy wants to deal with, and Tony’s just been playing along ever since.


While this Seaside book was every bit as wonderful as the rest of the series, Tony and Amy’s story is really very sad. Their young love story ended with a tragic accident that messed Amy’s head up and left Tony in the dark. Part of me was really mad at Amy when it was revealed how she simply shut Tony out, but then again, girls (and boys) aren’t exactly genius with their emotional reactions at that age. The fact that they’ve remained friends — and just friends at that — is pretty remarkable and speaks to the depth of their bond, but after still loving from afar for way too many years, Amy decides to put herself out there again.


When Tony rebuffed Amy’s drunken advance, it was just heartbreaking. Understandable, yes, especially since he had no way of knowing how she really felt about him, but heartbreaking nonetheless. It quickly became clear that they had some things to work through before Tony could put his heart on the line again, and Amy, despite how much she wanted to give things between them another shot, wasn’t willing to deal with the past for a long time.


I don’t normally do very well with angsty stories, simply because I’m such a big wuss, but this one had me racing through it to find them in a better place. When Amy finally came clean about everything in her mind and heart — and confessed to the girls as well — it was all worth it. The romance between Tony and Amy was sad and sweet and absolutely believable, and if anyone in the Seaside gang deserved the happily ever after they finally got, it was these two.



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