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{Review} Viking Mine by Joanna Davis

Warrior Mine (Historical Romance, Viking, Medieval) - Joanna Davis

It had been quite a while since I’d read a good, old-fashioned bodice ripper, so when I happened across Viking Mine on a freebie list, I grabbed it.  When it comes to this type of historical romance, I don’t expect perfect accuracy in every detail or even the finest example of writing.  I simply expect to be entertained, to enjoy a story just for the hell of it.  Unfortunately, this one didn’t even come close to that.


I’d usually try to avoid giving away the plot, but there’s really not much of one here.  You see, Sigrid thinks a neighboring settlement is responsible for the killing of her father when she was much younger, and since she’s grown into a fierce and feared warrior, she decides to go after him.  That doesn’t exactly go as planned, and she ends up fighting him with practice swords — and a wager.  If she wins, her men won’t be killed.  If he wins, she becomes his thrall (slave, for those who may not be familiar with the term).  She is, of course, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, so of course the first thing he does is take her to bed — completely against her will.  It’s not violent, but it is what it is, and that makes it rather disturbing.  He’s also mad because he wants her so much, and he knows she’s only with him by force, so he decides to torture her for a bit.  Again, it’s not violent, but it’s messed up.  And then they fall in love and live happily ever after. Seriously.


Like I said, I’m not looking for a history lesson in these indulgent reads, but several key things jumped out at me as dead wrong, so that wasn’t a good start.  Add in the lack of plot, character development, and…well, pretty much anything interesting at all, and it just wasn’t worth the short time it took to read it.  I suppose I’ll be putting a bit more effort into checking reviews and such the next time I decide to dive into the historical romance pool.



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