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{Review} The Billionaire Bride by Marquita Valentine

The Billionaire Bride (The Brides of Holland Springs Book 1) - Marquita Valentine

Like the book, this review will probably be on the short side, but I suppose that's to be expected with a novella.


Kate Von Lichtenstein has inherited a fortune, and as a member of the aristocracy, that places her in a rather unique prison. Her parents want to marry her off to someone — anyone, really — who can advance their social standing, and now that she's loaded, it will be quite impossible to know if any man who shows interest in her is actually more interested in her money. Having lost the man she thought was her true love, she's in an uncomfortable predicament. To take control of her future and preempt any matchmaking attempts by her parents, she decides to pick her own husband, a business arrangement, of course. Noah Sawyer needs capital if his business is going to succeed, but that's the last thing on his mind when he notices the beautiful but sad woman at a wedding. They make their mistake, and he's even more captivated by her, but he certainly doesn't expect a marriage proposal.


Kate and Noah's relationship has a lot of what you might expect in the arranged marriage situation, but the twist is that it's not the man who's financially set. His pride prevents him from wanting to take any of Kate's money, but his growing feelings for her are the true test. Her parents aren't happy, the press is having a field day, people are now more interested in his wife's fortune than his own success… But that doesn't change the budding relationship between these two.


The Billionaire Bride is a short, sweet read that serves up a quick but intriguing romance between two people who are perfect for each other. Having Kate be the rich one sets it apart from the usual fare, which is what caught my attention in the first place. If you like your romances on the rich side, this one is different, fun, and heartwarming.



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