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{Review} Only Forever by Cristin Harber

Only Forever - Cristin Harber

Finally! In this last book of the Only series, everything that’s been left hanging is finally resolved — and not in the too-neat-to-be-possible way that I’m always dreading. Only for Us ended with a hell of a cliffhanger. While Emma and Grayson had found each other again and were ready to wholeheartedly throw themselves into a future together, there was that tiny little matter of one of her jobs. The one he would most certainly be unhappy about.


These two have been through a lot, but they've owned their mistakes instead of making excuses, and that’s part of what makes their story shine. While Grayson may have been a foolish teenager when he abandoned Emma, he absolutely thought he was doing the right thing, and he certainly never would have done so if he’d know what he was really leaving behind. He’s back now, ready to pay whatever price necessary to make sure he gives her the life and love she deserves, but he’s not at all prepared when he sees her center stage at a seedy strip club.


What’s refreshing is that Emma doesn't harbor any shame regarding her job. She’s doing what’s necessary to provide a stable home life for her daughter, and now that Grayson’s back, she doesn't intend to continue it. But there’s not really time to talk about it before her next shift, and as it just so happens, Grayson’s potential new job has him in her club, pretending to be a member of a bachelor party. To Grayson’s credit, he doesn’t shame her for it either, and while he certainly doesn’t like the idea of all these other guys seeing her nearly naked, he knows it’s just a consequence of his terrible choice all those years ago.


In true Cristin Harber fashion, everything comes to a head when Emma witnesses something she shouldn't — the very thing that Grayson’s undercover team is there to gather intel on, and when chaos erupts, she finds herself also facing down her brother, who never had a clue that she was taking off her clothes to make ends meet.


As awful as all that is, it’s the perfect culmination to their story, getting all the secrets and darkness out into the open so they can move on with their new life together and give Cally the home life she deserves. There are a million little moments, from Grayson’s possessiveness over Emma to his love for Cally to the moment when Grayson and Ryan finally put aside the past, but it really just comes down to Only Forever being a wonderful ending to a heart-twisting romantic series.



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