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{Review} Truly Madly Deeply by Brenda Pandos

Truly Madly Deeply Vol. 1 - B Pandos, Brenda Pandos

Maddy thought she had it all together. An awesome new place with her best friend, an amazing boyfriend, and a great job. But it was all turned upside down when that same best friend and boyfriend turned out to be hooking up behind her back. So much for friendship and relationships and being able to split the rent, right? But going back home wasn't an option either, at least not for long, since her mom doesn't intend to let her stay. And that's when she found herself working at her old summer camp, alongside a guy who just might have been perfect for her — if only he didn't have a girlfriend.


The Verdict: I'm not a big fan of stories that begin with the boyfriend cheating and resulting break-up. I know it's usually a way to re-introduce the heroine to the dating world and maybe give her a few issues to work through, but when it's the cliched boyfriend+best friend = cheating scenario, it just doesn't start out well for me.


I guess I should point out that I also have trouble when the woman we're all supposed to cheer for is being kicked down left and right, which is pretty much how this whole book went for Maddy. First, she loses her boyfriend, and by extension her best friend and their new apartment. Then she loses the security of living at home with mom. Then she gets stuck with the bottom-of-the-totem-pole job at her old summer camp. Then she meets Mr. Right, only to learn that he already has a girlfriend, and they seem to be pretty happy together. The only thing that could possibly make her situation worse would be if she lied about everything in an attempt to make herself look cooler. Oh, wait. That's exactly what she did!


Somehow I managed to finish the book (thank God it was a short one!), but it never did turn itself around for me. I was stuck with a heroine I couldn't really identify with and certainly couldn't respect, as well as a potential hero who simply didn't make sense to me. Perhaps if more of their story had been included and made into a normal novel-length book, I would have found that connection eventually, but it was cut off too soon, before anything redeeming or even really that interesting could happen.


Part of me wonders if I should continue with the series because… Well, surely the whole story can't be that bad, can it? But if this intro was any indication, I should probably cut my losses with this one and find something else to read.



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