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{Review} Dawson’s Fall by Morgan Blaze

Dawson's Fall - Morgan Blaze

Well, this cover isn't the one that was on my book, so it appears that the series has gone through a minor cover overhaul. The too-cutesy sign with the series name is gone, and it seems each book now has its own color scheme. That's certainly better, but I wish they'd spent a little more time on finding a better font, or just left the old one I know that probably seems really nit-picky, but it's a good series, and the covers just don't reflect that.


The Verdict: Dawson's Fall gives readers a lot more insight into why the Dawson siblings are so ostracized and scorned by the people of Covendale, and it also shows a lot more plainly just how unfair that is.


As it turns out, the Dawson's father managed to kill himself while driving drunk years ago, and his life wasn't the only one lost. He also killed a young, pregnant mother, and that woman's family turned their grief into hatred for all the Dawsons. Never mind that they were just kids and weren't responsible for their father's poor decisions. Never mind that the loss of their father left them parentless. They've struggled to stay together and take care of each other ever since, and the townspeople have done them no favors.


It was Aubrey Monroe's mother who was killed by the Dawsons' father, but she doesn't harbor the same ill will toward the remaining Dawsons. That doesn't necessarily make things any easier for her, though, since her father and brother live and breathe loathing for the family of the man who tore their world apart. But Aubrey and Mark Dawson had a spark between them once, back when they were teenagers, and when they come face to face again, it flares. However, they've got to overcome their own reluctance to get involved despite the bad blood, and somehow they've got to overcome her family's objections.


As is to be expected with this series, their romance is quick to develop and passionate, but that's not altogether unbelievable, since they're not exactly strangers. And just as Aubrey is trying to get her dad and brother to let go of their hatred, she's also trying to assert her own independence in making choices as an adult, without having to bend to their judgement. For his part, Mark is surprisingly understanding, and when faced with a moral choice, he makes the right one at risk to his own life.


Dawson's Fall is another fun, steamy romance that makes for a quick read, and I'm a little sad to know I've only got one more book left in this series to read.



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