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{Review} Just a Little Kiss by Renita Pizzitola

Just a Little Kiss - Renita Pizzitola

Still getting over the best friend he crushed on for so long, Mason needs distance, and he finds it by leaving town for the summer to work on a fishing boat with his uncle. But shortly upon arrival, he sees Felicity, a local waitress and perhaps the one to make him forget all about his broken heart. But Felicity knows better than to get too involved with one of the “Summer Boys,” those guys who come around to work or vacation for the summer and then return to their lives elsewhere. It doesn’t mean she’s above having a fun little fling, but falling for a Summer Boy was never in the plan.


The Verdict: This series just keeps surprising me in the best way, and I think this may be my favorite of the Crush books! The first two were great, but I was thrilled to see that this one gives us more of Mason, Brinley’s BFF from book #1.


Remember how Mason was a little head over heels for Brinley? So of course, he’s a bit heartbroken that she picked Ryder, who we all fell in love with in the first book. To get over it, he needs space, and to get space, he agrees to help out his uncle on a fishing boat for the summer. It’s not something this computer whiz has any experience, but it just may be the change of pace he needs. Throw in some seasickness and the hot girl in the next boat over, and it’s going to be a summer he won’t want to let go.


Life has been terribly unfair to Felicity, and her story is just heartbreaking. In trying to do the right thing, she broke up with her first love right around high school graduation, determined to see him chase his dreams and not be held back in a dead end, small town life with her. But one night of too much drinking and a bad decision while drowning his sorrows ruined everything. Felicity gave up the boy she loved only to have him get stuck changing diapers and trying to do the right thing by the girl he knocked up. I can’t even explain how terrible I felt for the two of them, seeing her painful but selfless gesture get them nowhere, while Brody gave up his own heart to live up to his new responsibilities. Reading their story and watching them awkwardly still care about each other is probably one of the saddest things I’ve read in a story like this — without being over the top.


But then came Mason, a nice guy who perfectly matched Felicity in the humor and banter department, and it didn’t hurt that he was hot as hell. His staying on the boat right next to hers had them running into each other, forming a cute friendship, and creating some serious chemistry. Felicity, of course, had her walls up, both because her heart had been broken before and because she knew that in a few weeks, Mason would be returning to his life at college. But despite both their best efforts, they were quickly in over their heads.


It wasn’t immediately clear that Felicity had bigger issues; it just seemed like she was overly cautious due to past events. But as things started playing out, it was great to see her grow and learn to follow her heart. Mason was patient and sweet, frustrating and all boy, and when they were at odds, they both acted exactly like the flawed people they were. In some ways, that made them even more perfect for each other.


Just a Little Kiss is a sweet, mostly fluffy read with a little angst thrown in to balance things out, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the characters. I have no idea if the series is over, or if there will be more, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that Isla will get her happily ever after soon.


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