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{Review} V-Card by Alicia Michaels

V-Card (Sharing Spaces Book 1) - Alicia Michaels

At twenty years old, Jennifer's still a virgin, though not necessarily by choice or for lack of trying. Determined to ditch that label by her twenty-first birthday, she's on the lookout for that special guy with whom to take the next step. Add in one hot guy who is more than interested, crazy roommates, and Luke, the friend who's acting differently around her, and the next couple of months are going to be an emotional roller coaster.


The Verdict: Wow. I picked up this book on a whim. The college age girl trying to lose her virginity isn't exactly a new plotline, but it's generally a fun one, so I figured I would read this when I was all out of scheduled reviews and looking for something simple. But V-Card is sooooooooooooo much better than I expected.


Jennifer's not proud of her virgin status. In fact, she only has that distinction thanks to a series of mishaps over the years. At the same time, she's not looking to lose the label via a meaningless one-night stand, so really she's simply a college student who wants a real relationship that will lead to sex. Completely understandable, right? Then she meets Dain.


Dain is a friend of a friend, and he really seems like the perfect guy. He's sweet and kind and patient, and when he finds out she's a virgin, he doesn't push her. He drops in when he misses her, brings her flowers for no reason at all, and spends time with her the way only the most perfect boyfriend will. But while Dain is romancing Jennifer, her friend Luke is acting strange. He makes no secret of his dislike for Dain, and something seems to be happening between him and Jennifer. There's a new bit of heat between them that catches Jennifer off guard, but it's not something she's willing to explore, since she knows all about his player status. After all, they live in the same house, so she sees just how often that revolving door to his bedroom welcomes a different girl.


V-Card is surprisingly fun read, complete with all the usual college hijinks and drama, and a dose of harsh reality when least expected. Jennifer is an easy character to love, since she's neither a wallflower nor a wild child, and I'm betting most women can relate to her simply wanting the happy relationship status she sees others having. I have to say that twist in the plot really caught me off guard, too, just as it did Jennifer, and I think that says a lot about Alicia Michaels's writing. Where most authors throw in such heavy hints that I just want to slap the heroine for not noticing the obvious, Michaels keeps readers in the moment, seeing things completely from the heroine's perspective, and it makes for a powerful story. V-Card is fun, sweet, sad, and often hilarious, and it's definitely a must-read for any die-hard romance fan. You can bet I'm grabbing the rest of this series!



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