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{Review} Dawson’s Honor by Morgan Blaze

Dawson's Honor - Morgan Blaze

Piper’s aunt disappeared without a trace when Piper was just a teenager, so she’s shocked when she finds out her aunt has now passed and left her a sizeable inheritance. But that’s nothing compared to the shock (and fear) that sets in when a notorious loan shark and his enforcer show up at her door and demand the money.

The Verdict: If I hadn’t already read the previous books in the series, I probably wouldn’t have grabbed this one. Frankly, the synopsis would have sounded a bit far-fetched to me (which, admittedly, is ridiculous, considering the number of happily ever afters I read about each year), and I would have gone for something more conventional romance instead. However, having met the people of Covendale already, and having more than a little interest in the scrumptious Dawson brothers, I really didn’t care what it was about, so long as it served up another dish of Dawson. Surprisingly (to me and my ridiculous pre-judgment), the plot didn’t seem so over-the-top once I got to reading. After all, we’ve already been made to understand that Jonah is into some seedy shit, and finding out more about his not so legal employment just makes him — not to mention the town’s opinion of him — make more sense.

When tragedy struck the Dawson siblings back when most of them were still just kids, Jonah stepped up and did what was necessary to take care of his family. Unfortunately, what was necessary was also horribly violent and illegal, and since that day, he’s been the kneecap breaking enforcer for a vile loan shark. He’s been able to remain somewhat emotionally removed from the unlucky borrowers he’s sent after, but the one thing he could never do was hit a woman.

Piper has been through some kind of hell. Abandoned by her mother, she was left to be raised by her aunt, a woman she thought the world of. But then her aunt came home terribly hurt and clearly hiding something. And before Piper knew what was going on, her aunt simply disappeared. It’s been forever since Piper was left on her own, but the aunt she assumed had forgotten about her has now left her a huge inheritance — and a huge problem.

I think it’s safe to say that Dawson’s Honor is my favorite book in the Welcome to Covendale series so far. Jonah, whom we met in previous books, is a darker character than the other siblings. He’s not some innocent who’s been coerced into doing something bad, either, though his enforcer job is much more ruthless than he would have chosen, had another option been available. He’s hurt plenty of people, but he won’t hurt a woman, so when he’s faced with no other choice, he runs off with Piper, trying to stay ahead of his boss and keep both himself and Piper alive. But their growing attraction is complicating things, and a steamy relationship soon develops in the midst of all that danger.

Dawson’s Honor has tons of action, incredibly hot romance, and a heavy dose of mystery, and it’s easily the most entertaining book of the series. I was so caught up in the drama that I didn’t even pause to mark any syntax issues, which is saying a lot. If you like your men hot and your stories exciting, this one is a wonderful, quick read.



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