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{Review} The Pledge by Laura Ward and Christine Manzari

The Pledge (College Bound Series) (Volume 1) - Laura Ward, Christine Manzari


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The Pledge by Christine Manzari, Laura Ward
Series: College Bound #1
Publisher: Life Changing LLC (Self-Published) on July 25, 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (NA)
Pages: 372

Our Rating

4 Stars


I had the opportunity to read this book earlier, and I could have kicked myself when I got so busy that the chance passed me by.  Fortunately for me, it popped up over at Xpresso, and I was able to get a copy of the latest by two great authors I’ve been following.


Taren sees college as her chance to break out of her shell and leave behind the girl that she was in high school.  Alec sees it as his escape from his awful father, a chance to do what he wants and not what’s expected of him.  But Alec and Taren have some unfortunate history together, and finding themselves on the same campus is awkward… and an opportunity for something neither of them expected.


I have to say that I had a little trouble getting into this one at first. It’s not like I was bored, but I just couldn’t get into the characters as quickly as I usually do, and I began to worry that I was going to end up bailing on two authors whose previous work I’ve enjoyed.  Fortunately, things picked up for me once Alec and Taren finally cross paths, and I was quickly hooked.


Determined to leave her old self behind, Taren joins a sorority, while Alec ditches his partying ways and pledges to live free of alcohol.  While Taren’s partying it up for the first time in her life, Alec is cleaning up his act and finding his own interests, independent of his father’s demands.  Watching their characters branch out, grow, and figure out what was important to them was just as enthralling and the romance itself, and in that way The Pledge stands out from your typical new adult romance. Drawn together by fate (red string, anyone?), Taren and Alec realize that they can’t simply avoid each other, and facing their pasts as who they are at present allows them to form a tentative truce.  Of course, there’s always a fine line between love and hate, and before they realize it, these two are cooking up some incredible chemistry.


I really hate to give anything away, and this book has lots of twist and unexpected turns I should probably avoid spoiling, so I guess I’ll just say that The Pledge is a strikingly different new adult read, with all the usual romance and attraction that pulls us in, as well as some deeper messages about personal growth, growing up, and accepting yourself.  A definite must read for all new adult romance fans!


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