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{Spotlight & Giveaway} #♥ by Cambria Hebert

#Heart (The Hashtag Series Book 6) - Cambria Hebert

#♥ by Cambria Hebert
Series: Hashtag #6
Publisher: Self-Published on November 9, 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (NA)
Pages: 425



Family isn’t always defined by blood.

Sometimes family is born of love…


And choice.

Sometimes the bond that comes from someone having your back through the shittiest of times is stronger than anything you get from genetics.

And sometimes you find that piece of your soul you didn’t even know was missing

I’m a lucky guy like that.

I found a love that will never fade. I found a group of people who aren’t just my friends.

They’ve become my family.

There’s only one place to go from here.

I’m gonna bind myself to Rimmel in every possible way.

I’m gonna bring our family even closer together.

The past has taught me it won’t be easy.

Especially when faced with repercussions from a night that ended in death.

But that’s okay.

Family doesn’t quit each other.

Love like ours never dies.

Happily ever after isn’t just for storybooks.


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