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{Review} Melted by Jennie Marts

Melted - Jennie Marts

Melted by Jennie Marts
Publisher: Self-Published on March 1, 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (Adult)
Pages: 46




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Our Rating

4 Stars

After one summer together when they were young, Emily never thought she’d see Logan again.  But her trip home to ready her grandmother’s cabin for the new owners lands him out of her memories and right onto her doorstep.


But... As is common with novellas, I wanted more, especially since Jennie Marts has such a way of pulling readers into a moment as if they’re living it themselves.  The writing was pretty much flawless, but I do wish we had gotten a deeper look into the characters, their pasts, and their future together.  Without more background and time to develop everything, it was a little difficult for me to believe that two adults, years after their initial romance as teens, could so quickly fall head over heels in love again.


The Verdict:  I usually avoid novellas like the plague, but I’m on a Jennie Marts roll right now, so I figured I’d give Melted a shot.  It turned out to be a really sweet, romantic read!


Emily’s back at her late grandmother’s cabin, and the visit is bittersweet.  Through a childhood filled with abandonment, the cabin is really the only place she could ever call home.  But her grandmother’s passing necessitates selling the cabin, and as much as she’d like to sit in her memories, she’s there to pack it up and say goodbye.  Letting the property fall into someone else’s hands is bad enough, but to make matters worse, the real estate agent confirmed that the new owner will be gutting it, removing all traces of the vintage craftsmanship and good memories.


Logan’s looking for his dog when he shows up at Emily’s door, and his appearance unleashes an avalanche of memories.  One sweet summer was all they had together as teenagers before he simply disappeared.  Promising to keep in touch and not let go of what they shared, Logan’s communications with Emily after that summer faded away into silence, and with a broken heart, she never expected to see him again.


Their reunion is sad and sweet and utterly romantic.  It seems that Fate recognizes they belong together and has put them in each other’s paths all these years later.  Emily’s a bit jaded, but Logan is determined to put her pieces back together.  There are a few laughs, but mostly their story is one of finally finding each other again and rekindling what Emily thought was lost.  I really wasn’t sure that forty-six pages would be enough to pull me in, but while their story was short, it was certainly worth the read.


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