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{Review} Nowhere to Hide by Lindsay McKenna

Nowhere to Hide (Delos Series) (Volume 1) - Lindsay McKenna

Nowhere to Hide by Lindsay McKenna
Series: Delos #1
Publisher: Blue Turtle Publishing on October 13, 2015
Genre(s): Romantic Suspense (Adult)
Pages: 403



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Our Rating

2.5 Stars

I was really looking forward to this one because, let’s face it, one can only take in so many fluffy little love stories before needing something with more action and grit.  From the first scene, I was all in.  It was a bit confusing, being a dream sequence and all, but it certainly set the tone for Lia’s state of mind.


After a horrific experience at the hands of her fellow soldiers when she was in the Army, Lia has been hiding from the world in the forests of Costa Rica.  Scarred both physically and psychologically from her past, she finds solace in the remote little school and the children for whom she helps care.  But that security is shattered when a local drug lord exacts revenge on the school for their role in helping one of his victims escape.


Cav, a former SEAL, now works in black ops, using the skills he developed in the military to provide security in some of the most dangerous places in the world.  His latest assignment, to guard the lone adult survivor in an attack on a small, charity-sponsored school, takes him to Costa Rica, where he finds himself face to face with a beautiful but damaged woman who seems to be doing her best to be invisible.

Lia and Cav had instant chemistry, but true to their issues, they didn’t immediately act on it.  While it was clear that they each saw something familiar and comforting in one another, they still had their own hang-ups to work through.  In close proximity, they got to know each other, and an easy trust was soon developed — just in time for the danger to become too extreme to stay.  And that’s where the story went a bit downhill for me.


I was really in the mood for something more than your standard romance novel, and Nowhere to Hide seemed like the right book for that.  The characters were intriguing, the situation dangerous but entirely plausible, and the setting quite different from your average love story.  But after roughly half the book, the threat was resolved (rather easily, I might add), and it was back to the States to work through the characters’ traumas, so they could forge ahead with a relationship.  For those that want lots of introspection and a bit of a psych study, it’s perfect.  But for me… Well, the synopsis had me thinking this was going to be one crazy ride filled with danger and intrigue, but that ride ended well before the book did, so it probably wasn’t the right pick.  It was well-written and fully developed, though, and it’s clear that Lindsay McKenna is one hell of a writer.  I guess my only real issue is that the plot was much different than I expected or was looking for, and perhaps if that had been clearer to me from the get-go, it wouldn’t have fallen as flat.


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