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{Review} A Halloween Hookup by Jennie Marts

A Halloween Hookup: A Between the Pages Novella (The Page Turners Series) - Jennie Marts

A Halloween Hookup by Jennie Marts
Series: Page Turners #3.6
Publisher: Self-Published on January 23, 2015
Genre(s): Cozy Mystery (Adult), Romantic Comedy (Adult)
Pages: 76





Our Rating

4 Stars

Private investigator Finn leads a predictable, no-nonsense life.  His work may be interesting, but everything else is… Well, it’s just boring.  So when his office is broken into and ransacked, everything ratchets up a notch, and when the kooky, sexy psychic down the hall is involved, his hum-drum day is turned upside down.


The Verdict:  Aside from this one being a novella — that category of books that just never has quite enough story for me — this one’s pretty close to perfect.


Finn is driven by facts, skeptical of anything that can’t be proven with concrete evidence, and reliant on tried and true investigation methods.  As a private investigator, it’s an attitude that’s served him well, and while he may not be elated with life, he’s certainly satisfied with his stable bachelor existence.  But the psychic who works down the hall…


Zia spends her days reading palms, divining Tarot cards, and helping people connect with the psychic world.  A widow who adamantly believes in ghosts and spirits, she’s trying to do her part to help people figure out their lives, heal after loss, and move on with positivity.  Needless to say, these two are opposites in every way.


A break-in at their building that leaves both their offices ransacked forces them to interact, though, and while it’s clear they have some very different beliefs, there’s also an undeniable attraction between them.  Of course, there’s also a mystery to solve, including who trashed their workplace, what happened to the man whose wife showed up claiming he’s missing, and whether or not it all has anything to do with some missing diamonds — or even a ghost.  Throw in a séance, our favorite characters from the Page Turners, and some Halloween costumes, and A Halloween Hookup makes for a quick, fun read.


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