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{Review} Easy Like Sunday Mourning by Jennie Marts

Easy Like Sunday Mourning: (A Cozy Mystery Romance) (A Page Turners Novel Book 2) - Jennie Marts

Easy Like Sunday Mourning by Jennie Marts
Series: Page Turners #2
Publisher: Self-Published on January 13, 2014
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (Adult), Cozy Mystery (Adult), Romantic Comedy (Adult)
Pages: 295





Our Rating

5 Stars

In Another Saturday Night and I Ain’t Got No Body, we saw glimpses of another side of Maggie as she chanced giving into her interest in Sunny’s failed date Jeremy.  And for a strong, successful woman like Maggie, Easy Like Sunday Mourning shows that Jeremy really is her perfect match.


Jeremy’s company is thrown into the spotlight, not just because they’re releasing a hot new video game, but because one of his developers turns up murdered in the office.  Though Jeremy is entirely cooperative with the police investigation, he is, of course, a suspect, and it’s up to the Page Turners to help prove his innocence and solve the mystery.  Maggie wants to believe Jeremy’s got nothing to do with the man’s murder, but as more and more pieces of the story are revealed, the evidence against him is pretty damning.  Couple that with Maggie’s reluctance to fully trust a man after her marriage fell apart, not to mention the busy blonde at the office who’s suggesting her relationship with Jeremy is more than just business, and Maggie’s not sure what to believe.


I’m always a little worried when I begin the second book of a series in which I absolutely loved the first book.  There’s always a good chance that the magic won’t be recaptured, that the plot will begin to feel recycled, or that I just won’t be as interested in the new character focus.  But it seems that isn’t a problem at all with the Page Turners series.  While I liked Maggie well enough in the first book but never really warmed to her, I found her quite likable and easy to relate to as I got to know her in Easy Like Sunday Mourning.  Sure, she’s an intelligent, often no-nonsense lawyer, but she’s got a fun side that comes out when she’s with the Page Turners, and she’s got the same wants and insecurities as any woman when it comes to romance.


The mystery side of things was tons of fun as well, with clues leading every which way, and Edna providing the comic relief throughout.  Every time I started to cringe at their hi-jinks, I ended up laughing out loud instead, and there were so many red herrings thrown in that it was impossible to fully guess the ending until it was all finally revealed.  With bears, road rage, costumes at a comic book convention, plenty of hot men, and the always awesome Edna to keep things interesting, Easy Like Sunday Mourning is a great follow-up to the first book and a chance to see all our favorite characters in hilarious action again.


Unlike the standard definition of cozy mystery, the Page Turners series lets things get a little steamy at times, without going over the top, and I think that works great for those of us that prefer our romance less sanitized.  The series is probably perfect for lovers of romantic comedies, cozy mysteries, and contemporary romance with a fun side, and you can bet I’ll be binge-reading the rest of the books just as soon as I can get my hands on them!




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