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{Review} Saving Grace by Katie Graykowski

Saving Grace - Katie Graykowski

Saving Grace by Katie Graykowski
Series: The Lone Stars #2
Publisher: Self-Published on June 19, 2014
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (Adult), Romantic Comedy (Adult)
Pages: 230





Our Rating

4 Stars

Grace’s road to fame took an mortifying turn, thanks to a wardrobe malfunction on national television.  Now she can’t seem to get another break, and singing for her supper on the sidewalk during South by Southwest seems to be her only option.  But when she sees a young girl in trouble, she springs into action, and the can of worms she opens up might just be her biggest break yet.


But... There were definitely some editing oversights throughout the book, and while they didn’t completely ruin it, it was obvious that the book either had a sub-par editor or someone did a pretty terrible rush job.  It was little things like accept vs. except, rode vs. road, changes in tense in a single sentence, the ever-annoying and altogether odd use of an apostrophe to make something plural, and some very strange comma placement.  I’m not sure what’s worse — an editor being paid to do a truly awful job, or an author sending what’s essentially an unfinished draft to print.  Either way, it’s definitely not something for which readers should be asked to pay.


The Verdict:  Despite the editing fail, Saving Grace turned out to be a really fun read.  Starting with the rather flippant take on reality television down to the hilariously odd way Grace fit into the Robbins family, there were few moments when I wasn’t laughing.


Grace is definitely a take-charge kind of woman, but not in that drill sergeant way one might expect.  Her approach is pragmatic and humorous, and when she sees how out of control Chord’s family is, she steps right in and starts straightening things up.  That meddling doesn’t exactly thrill Chord the upon their first meeting, but he soon finds himself in a childcare bind and makes Grace an offer that resolves her financial problems all at once.


Grace’s relationship with the kids is all kinds of fun, and it seems that peace on the homefront brings out the fun side of Chord as well.  Grace throws him for a loop at every turn, and he stops trying to figure her out and just enjoys the happiness she’s brought to his home.  Of course, there’s an almost tangible attraction between them, but Grace has no intention of sleeping with her boss and potentially ruining the best job she’s ever had.  Fortunately, Chord isn’t one to give up so easily, and it’s not long before Grace realizes that she’s fighting a losing battle.


Saving Grace reminds me a lot of those great romantic comedy movies, where the banter is constant and brilliant, the funniest scenes are probably impossible in real life but still entertaining as anything, and the drama is tempered with humor.  From the secondary characters to the family dynamic to the evolving relationship between Grace and Chord, Saving Grace is an incredibly fun read and a definite must for any fans of humorous romance.


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