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{Review} Heath by Melissa Foster

Wild Boys After Dark: Heath - Melissa Foster

Heath by Melissa Foster
Series: Wild Boys After Dark #2
Publisher: World Literary Press (Self-Published) on November 17, 2015
Genre(s): Erotic Romance (Adult)
Pages: 161




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Our Rating

5 Stars

Heath Wild likes to keep his one night stands far from home, generally cutting loose while at medical conferences in other cities, where he can be sure his fun doesn’t interfere with his daily life.  Never one to take advantage of women, he lets them know up front that he’s just looking for a temporary fling, and that’s what he has in mind when he spots Ally Jenner volunteering at his latest conference.  But his one night with her quickly proves to be not nearly enough.


Ally knows better than to get involved with a doctor. Working in the lab, surrounded by doctors, she’s seen exactly who they are and how they can be, and she wants no part of that.  But there’s just something about the hot doctor she hooked up with at a recent medical conference that she can’t quite shake, and despite their agreement to leave their fling behind when they left the conference, Ally and Heath stay in touch but keep their personal details quiet.  Of course, Fate won’t let them remain semi-anonymous, and Ally is floored when Heath strolls into the lab where she’s working.


Heath was an incredibly likable character, a little on the wild side but surprisingly considerate and tender with Ally.  Their relationship started off hot and accelerated to fully combustive once they ran into each other in the workplace.  Where most romances would have these two trying to deny their ongoing interest, Melissa Foster gives us characters who don’t follow the usual formula.  Sure, neither was certain that what they had together was going to lead to forever, but there was no futile denial of attraction or crazed avoidance of involvement.  Instead, they both sort of internally questioned themselves and what they were looking for, all fueled by insecurities caused by their pasts.


As Ally and Heath quickly proved they just couldn’t stay away from each other, their attachment grew, and their communication stayed open — another refreshing change from typical romance cliches.  Heath, for all his playboy tendencies, proved to be a fantastic hero, open with Ally and more accepting of their blooming relationship than I initially expected.  And of course, these two were hot as hell together!


As much as I enjoyed the Logan, the first book in this series, I have to say that Heath really hooked me from the beginning, and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.  Heath and Ally were easy to understand and relate to, and they were just perfect together.  Like all of Melissa Foster’s books, the romance is wonderfully sweet, but this series takes the heat factor up a notch with its more erotic flair.





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