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{Review} Under Fire by Jo Davis

Under Fire  - Jo Davis

Under Fire by Jo Davis
Series: Firefighters of Station Five #2
May 5, 2009
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (Adult), Romantic Suspense (Adult)
Pages: 352





Our Rating

4 Stars

I really liked Zack in the previous book, so I was excited to find out this book is his love story.  And true to form so far, the story is chock full of lust, danger, and crazy suspense!


Zack and Corrine don’t meet under the best of circumstances, to say the least. Their introduction is a fender bender that’s all Zack’s fault, and Corrine launches into belittling him for it.  It’s the crappy icing on the big cake of awful that is currently Zack’s life, what with losing his house, having to give up his car, being unable to pay off his dad’s gambling debts, and having his ass chewed out constantly at work.  But everything takes a much more dramatic turn when the station gets its first call of the day.


Upon reaching their water rescue victim, Zack immediately realizes it’s the woman he rear ended earlier, and with her life now in the balance, she’s lost her snark.  They manage to save her (of course!), but Zack is very nearly killed in the process, setting off a chain of events that will change both their lives.


Realizing just how much Zack sacrificed for her, Corrine all but refuses to leave his side, and when he’s released from the hospital to find himself evicted from his ghetto apartment, she takes him in.  Their romance develops hot and heavy in no time at all, and it’s a case of opposites being perfect for each other.  Zack, at twenty six, is completely inexperienced, whereas Corrine is a stripper trying to pay her way through nursing school.  But their chemistry is sizzling, and they’re connecting on a more emotional level as well, so their pasts (and lack thereof) don’t get in the way.


As always, danger lurks, though no one can figure out quite the cause.  Someone’s been watching Corrine, and Zack knows his dad’s gambling debts have people looking for him, so it’s anyone’s guess who the real target is and why.  I have to say that this is really where you have to suspend belief.  Someone initially ran Corrine off the road, which nearly killed Zack trying to save her.  But then he gets to deal with a gunshot wound, getting knocked out and left to die, a host of broken ribs… Seriously, how many freak “accidents” can one guy survive in less than a month?  If nothing else, though, it definitely ratchets up the suspense factor.


It’s impossible to explain the many twists and turns this story took, but through it all, Corrine and Zack burned strong.  Getting another look at all the guys at Station Five was a bonus, too, and I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of their stories.  Under Fire is a crazy thrill ride of dangerous attacks, hot hot hot chemistry, and of course, romance at its most addictive.



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