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{Review} Bachelorette for Sale by Gail Chianese

Bachelorette for Sale - Gail Chianese

Bachelorette for Sale by Gail Chianese
Series: West Side Romance #1
Publisher: Lyrical Press on June 23, 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (Adult)
Pages: 278




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Our Rating

3.5 Stars

After a humiliating ordeal on national television, courtesy of a reality romance show, Cherry prefers to stay out of the limelight and avoid becoming tabloid fodder again.  But when donating her time to a local community center project, she unexpectedly finds herself on stage, the not entirely willing participant in a charity bachelorette auction.


But... I think there was supposed to be a bit of a mystery in the whole thing with Jason’s work being sabotaged.  Or at least it was supposed to provide some tension.  However, the author made it obvious who the culprit was, pretty much from the beginning.  At best, it got in the way of the plot.  At worse, it was a bit insulting to either the characters or the readers, who are presumably too dense to to see the obvious.


The Verdict:  Sure, I got into The Real World on MTV when it was groundbreaking television, but the reality schtick got old a few years later, and I can’t say I’m a fan.  But a story showing the repercussions of the fame created by that gratuitous drama and partially scripted chaos?  Now that sounds interesting!

Cherry was pretty much screwed over by national television.  A contestant on a reality romance show, she was not only dumped but made to look really bad to the masses, so she’s thrown herself into her work and is trying to stay under the radar.  But when a participant in a charity auction is a no-show, Cherry has to step up and take her place, landing herself a date with a handsome stranger.


Jason isn’t really interested in dating Cherry, at least not for who she is.  He is, however, interested in what she can do for him, which is land him the contract to renovate the local community center.  So even though their first date ends with an incredible kiss, Cherry is soon disappointed to learn Jason’s true motives.


Cherry was pretty easy to like — and even easier to feel sorry for.  The public and the media clearly don’t want to let her embarrassing time in the limelight go, and I can only imagine how true to life that actually rings.  But as much as I wanted her to sort of fight back against the tabloids and stand up for herself in the public eye, it only makes sense that she knew better than to feed the trolls.


Jason was good-looking (of course) and capable, and I like that he wasn’t immediately bowled over by Cherry.  A lot of that had to do with his having the same perception of her that the rest of the country had from her time on reality television, but it wasn’t long before he got to know her better and began feeling something more substantial for her.  Unfortunately, he fell into that gigantic cliche chasm, the one in which the hero was screwed over by a woman in the past and is now permanently jaded; it’s an old, tired trope that I really wish would die.  But of course, Cherry was the right woman to get him over that little problem, and in the end, Bachelorette for Sale was a sweet, fun romance.



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