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Unteachable - Leah Raeder By reading the blurb you think this is going to be a forbidden romance book about a teacher and student. You can almost write the story line in your head before reading...cliche. Not sure why I decided to read it anyway. Maybe it was the amazing reviews everyone gave it on Goodreads. Doesn't matter now because I am so glad I did. Unteachable was so much more than the cliche forbidden romance between student and teacher. There is an actually story that goes along with the hot, steamy, obsessive passion that Maize and Evan have for each other.

Let me first say that Maize is 18 and not really a child, however she is in her senior year at high school. She gets around and has had to be the adult in her household due to her drug addicted, whore of a mother. So, 18 isn't her real age. She is more mature....most of the time. We do get bits of her still teenage attitude and times where you can tell that she is actually a teenager no matter how fast she had to grow up. And that is where I stop with telling you about the story because it gets in depth and serious and my big mouth will give it all away. So let me tell you my thoughts instead...

The characters are well written and have depth. The author makes you literally feel the obsession these two have for each other. She can also write a good steamy scene. Very good. You know what I love the most? Its the fact that the author isn't trying to draw readers in with her sex scenes. She gives great detail, but not every time. Sometimes when the scene is more about emotion and the importance of being together than the actual sex, she skims it over. We know it happened, but details are not needed. Love that! These days when readers are still riding a "50 Shades of Grey" sex high, soooo many authors use that to their advantage and push sex into damn near every scene. Not Leah Raeder and I applaud her for it. I hate sex scenes where there should be love scenes and sex scenes where its not appropriate at all.

If you read my reviews, you know that I usually take notes while listening to my books. I threw my notes out with this one because I have passion for this book. I can write this whole review flying by the seat of my pants because it was a great story and sooo much more than I expected. Its a very well rounded book with a great story, strong characters who seemed weak at first, great love scenes, and a perfect ending. A great ending despite the rocky, stressful road to get there. Bravo Ms Raeder for writing your story. I would implore you to get a new blurb though. You story is so much better than the blurb.