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Present Perfect

Present Perfect - Alison G. Bailey
Born a minute apart, Amanda and Noah have always been in each others lives. They do everything together from diaper changes when they were babies to bike rides at six and first kisses as fourteen. Noah has vowed to always take care and protect Amanda. What he doesn't see is her best-friend-feelings turn into more. What he doesn't do is protect her heart and self confidence when other girls are chasing him in high school.

Although partly her fault due to her low self esteem and feeling that she isn't good enough for Noah, their friendship is rocky all through high school. Noah eventually mans up and tells Amanda how much he loves her and always has. He tells her its always been her and not the whores he has dated. Amanda tells him no, they can only be friends.

Whats a boy-turning-a-man supposed to do? He tried several times and she is set on him finding someone better. She even admits to herself that she loves him but can't have him. The problem is, she won't let anyone else have him either. So high school becomes a war of "you hurt me so I'll hurt you back" by the two going out with different people.

This book was hard to believe when they were going through all the problems in high school, but not enough that I had to stop reading. The plot kept me interested to where I could look past Amanda's insecurities. I understand low self esteem. I have totally been there. It was especially bad in high school, like Amanda, however I still never turned down a hot guy because I thought he could do better. Maybe I was just selfish, but that's the guys problem, right? Who am I to deny him the pleasure of my company. ;) Ok, side note....I had low self esteem in high school but am also extremely narcissistic. Really weird combo, I know.

Moving on, so fifty percent into this book and after a bad night of bad decisions on both Noah and Amanda's part, they have it out. What really irks me is that Noah just accepts Amanda's choice and doesn't fight for her. They move on to college and other people.

This is where I can't tell you anymore. It gets very emotional from this point on and things start happening that you never saw coming. Suddenly friendships mean more than they ever have. Life has become more important. Time is more important. If you read my reviews you know that I listen to my books while I am at work through Kindle Fire's text to speak. Today I literally was sucking up snot and gulping knots in my throat trying to hold back the tears. I wanted to be home so bad so I could have a good cry.

I think there is a great lesson in this book if you look behind the words. That lesson is you can't duplicate love and as the old saying goes, the heart wants what the heart wants. Amanda and Noah wasted sooo much time not being together. If they would have just given into each other ...however, then we wouldn't have this book.