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Arsen - Mia Asher Cathy and Ben are high school sweethearts who get married and try to have kids. They have a very sweet, passionate relationship, right up until Cathy has several miscarriages. She can't stand Bens support and positivity. She takes all the depression on herself and stops trying to talk to Ben.

In steps Arsen. Arsen is Cathys' new boss's hot son who likes to flirt. They spend so much time together at work that eventually they became friends and Cathy opens up to him about her marriage; even admitting that she shares more with him than she does her own husband. This is where it all goes down hill. You know in TV shows they say, "how did this happen?" Well, this is that moment. This is when Cathy steers off of matrimony lane and heads straight to the cheater express. Their lives are like a ball rolling down the hill. You want to look away because you know the outcome can't be good, but you can't. Lives will be destroyed, hearts crushed, and marriages tested.

With Cathy, you kinda understand why she is acting this way, but still want to hate her because Ben is such a great guy; how can she do this to him. With Arsen, its just the way he is. You either love or hate him. You accept him for what he is and take what you can get from him, because he won't keep you around for long.

But this story isn't all about cheating. Its about Cathys struggle to feel like a wife and a women by having a baby. What so many women take for granted, Cathy only dreams. Because of this its hard to not give her a pass. The one person that is there for her in that struggle, turns into her enemy and sex becomes a chore and not a show of love.

I guess at the heart of things, this book is about love, hurt, obsession, and lies. By 80% into this book, I am not sure who to love and who to hate. It was a wild ride and I loved it. I loved the guessing, because at first I thought it was going to be predictable with a nice bow wrapped up tight at the end. Let me assure it, it was not. This book kept me reading and reading until my eyes wouldn't stay open anymore. When I listened to it at work, via my Kindle Fire text to speech, I had my mouth hanging open.

Oh and the steamy sex scenes? Yea, I have to mention those because Mia Asher can write a sex scene like a veteran. She writes excellent rough scenes, as well as lovemaking! You are going to want your husband/boyfriend to take dirty talking lessons from Mia Asher! I am telling you...there was not one sexy time in this book where I rolled by eyes and that's real hard to do.