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Broken - Megan Hart Ihave read lots of books. Books about sex and drugs to forced rape and abuse, but this book was the heaviest book that I have read. I live for angst; won't read a book unless it promises deep struggle and sadness and this book made me sad for days. It made me have a heavy heart for the characters because this is an all true story that I am sure millions of women go through every day. This is not the story I thought it was or the story the summary alludes to. The first few chapters present the book as a normal women with fantasies of a guy who likes to get around. She wants him but he doesn't know so she suffers in silence. However as soon as she makes it home, we find out the real deal. I won't tell you because its the whole story line, but I will say that my heart was instantly heavy. My heart felt her struggle... and her husbands.

I can't even begin to relate and have no idea what I would do in that situation. I was hooked because I had to know what she was going to do. How do you go through life loving someone without being able to have the luxury of touch? Your body and mind will miss that intimacy. One of the hardest lines to read but sums up this book:

"I loved my husband but wanted to f**k another man."

I seriously could discuss the reasons behind her actions for hours, but I will let you read it and see what you think. I liked this book. I didn't love it but I definitely would recommend it if you want something that makes you think and you like angst.