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Carved in Darkness - Maegan Beaumont WOW! I don't normally read mystery thriller type books, but came across this one when I was looking for mystery books for my sister and the summary caught my attention. It was exactly what I needed after being too busy to read for the last few weeks. First page in and you are fully involved in this book! First page!! Its really, really hard to get my attention like that.

This is no long lost love story or second chance love. This deals with a woman who has been through way too much to love now and maybe even ever. I am not going to spoil too much, but she has been beaten and raped by a monster....a monster who left her for dead and is still out there. Worst of all, she may know this monster. He is closer than you think.

After being left for dead, Melissa starts over as Sabrina and immerses herself in her job as a homicide detective. She keeps her senses on high at all times and her emotions in check. She is on a mission to keep her family safe, but when the monster strikes again, she is asked to go back to that small town she never thought she would see again.

Michael's sister was killed by a monster years ago and he has never let himself forget it for one minute. He will use whatever means necessary to get the monster that tortured and killed his baby sister, even if that means destroying the life of one of the girls that got away. But hasn't Sabrina been through enough?

Micheal and Sabrina will have to work together to get this guy ...without getting caught themselves. On the run from the law, the monster, and Michaels sketchy employer, they will do whatever it takes to bring this guy to justice- their justice.

DRAMA and INTENSITY, is what this book is all about! Several times I found myself sitting in a daze at my desk listening to this book. There are so many on edge moments in this book that it wasn't boring once! Another good thing is that its fairly long with 408 pages, so you have time to really get involved and know the characters. Its a very well rounded story with a decent conclusion. This is one of those stories that you feel the more you read, the more you know. Read it and get ready to be entertained!