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{Review} Community Service by Dakota Madison

Community Service - Dakota Madison

I have to admit that the cover for this book didn't exactly draw me in.  Fortunately, I took a look at the synopsis, and that's all it took.

Maggie is in her senior year of college and is one of two students selected for a prestigious internship.  Much to her surprise, the other student chosen is Sawyer Reed, the very same Sawyer Reed who had girls throwing themselves at him in high school and spent years teasing Maggie, calling her Freaky Four Eyes.  It's kind of the perfect set-up for nerd girl gets the hot guy, but there's a rather serious twist.  He's now confined to a wheelchair.

I was sucked into the story within the first chapter, and it was all I could do to make myself go to bed at a decent time and put off the ending till the next morning.  Maggie is absolutely normal, pretty but nerdy, as naturally insecure and uncertain as any girl her age, and reliving the crush she had on Sawyer throughout her high school years.  Sawyer is just plain good.  He's long ago overcome any bitterness he has about his injury, and he's not afraid to turn up the charm a notch and see if he can make Maggie a permanent part of his life.

“Maggie,” Sawyer said and I was brought back to the present moment. “Got a lot on your mind?” He gave me that sexy little grin of his and it took my breath away for a moment.

There is, of course, the matter of the wheelchair, and that makes for some awkward and cute scenes throughout the book.  Maggie, like most of us would probably be, is a little uncomfortable about it, not because it bothers her, but because she doesn't want to say or do the wrong thing.  That can't always be avoided, but Sawyer is pretty forgiving, since it's obvious she has the best of intentions. And he has no problem making his own intentions known.

As Sawyer took control and deepened the kiss, I swear I felt the earth quake around us. “Please tell me you have a ground floor apartment,” Sawyer whispered. “And that it’s wheelchair accessible.”

Most likely due to the short length of the story, the pace was a little quick for me.  Sawyer revealed his feelings, in depth, quite a bit sooner than I would have expected, and Maggie had no problem returning the favor.  While this made for a sweet story with little angst, I wasn't altogether convinced by the time they got to that part.  I suppose I expected and would have appreciated more of a build-up, as opposed to insta-love.

At the same time, Jude's character just seemed entirely unnecessary.  His role was to give Maggie another option, so she might pick a guy not relegated to a wheelchair, but he was so slimy and pushy, despite his good looks, that he never would have been a choice for Maggie in the first place.  Of course she would pick Sawyer over Jude.  Hell, she probably would have picked a convent over Jude.

The Verdict...
It was a short, sweet read without all the unnecessary drama so many books have.  You can't help but fall in love with Sawyer almost immediately, and while the characters do have a few obstacles to get past, they're both sure enough about who they are and what they want that they don't force us onto an emotional roller coaster.  I would have liked it to be longer, simply to allow for more development and a more natural relationship pace, but the story was so sweetly told that it's easy to overlook that shortcoming.



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