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Drop Dead Gorgeous (L.A. Vamps, #1)

Drop Dead Gorgeous (L.A. Vamps, #1) - Suki McMinn

Sometimes things come together perfectly.  You meet the perfect guy.  He's gorgeous, famous, and wealthy, and in a few short days, you start building what could very well be a love that lasts forever.  And then  a greedy, sadistic vampire comes along, kills him, and turns him into one of her kind.  Not exactly the happy ever after Clara was hoping for.

Clara is devastated.  They only had a short time together, but Derek was quickly becoming her everything.  And since his death, things have completely fallen apart for her.  She lost her job, she's quickly running out of money, and she's pretty sure she's losing her mind.  Why else would she be imagining him everywhere and noticing the scent that is entirely him lingering in her bedroom?  But none of that matters when he's standing in front of her again, more pale than she remembers and with a strange longing for her blood. 

Believe it or not, I usually try to avoid books about vampires.  Clearly it's something I'm total fail at, but I just keep thinking that even though I liked that one or even that series, there's no way I'll find another vampire book nearly as interesting.  In fact, the vast majority of my reads don't have even a hint of the paranormal in them.  But then I decide to give one a try, sure that I probably won't even finish it, and the book proves me wrong.  Again.  You'd think I'd learn.  So someone whose work I know from fanfiction went and published a book, damned if I didn't jump at the chance to read it.  And once again, I'm sold on a vampire series.

Derek isn't the all-powerful, all-knowing vampire we're used to.  New to the world of the undead, he's struggling with what he's become and what he's lost, asking his vampire brothers to explain things to him, all the while trying to avoid the wrath of their very beautiful, very wicked maker.  Madeline is a piece of work, demanding complete devotion from the vampires she's created, controlling their lives in every way possible, and refusing to share them with anyone -- especially anyone they might love.


It wasn't a game ender for me, but I felt like Clara and Derek fell into a perfect relationship almost too easily.  They clearly had a deep connection during the short time they were together while he was still human, and I can't blame her one bit for accepting him back into her life, new fangs and all.  But I kept looking for the usual growing pains of new relationships, those getting-to-know-you challenges that every couple faces, no matter how perfect they are for each other, and they just weren't there.

The Verdict...
Well, I guess it's safe to say I won't be avoiding these vampire books!  Drop Dead Gorgeous is a fresh take on the popular vampire phenomenon,  pairing a somewhat naïve human with a newly made vampire who would do anything to protect her, if only he understood more about the undead life he now leads.  There's love, lust, angst, danger, and heartbreaking sacrifice amidst Los Angeles modeling scene, and it makes for an incredibly fun ride!  I can't wait to see what happens in the next book, when Clara's friend Monica learns there's more to nights in Los Angeles than your everyday humans.





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