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{Review} Love Show by Audrey Bell

Love Show - Audrey Bell

Don’t even bother reading this review.  Just proceed directly to Amazon and buy this book.  Everything else I’m about to say… Well, you can come back and read it later.  Besides, I’m about to get all wordy, and it’s nowhere near as interesting as the actual story of Jack and Hadley.


The last thing Hadley Arrington wants or needs is a boyfriend.  In her last year of college, she devotes all her energy to the school paper, and her social life consists of little more than a few meals with David, her best friend and roommate.   Witness to her mother’s string of failed marriages, she knows better than to go looking for love.  It makes you dependent, falsely romantic, and ultimately miserable when it inevitably comes to an end.  Besides, she has career plans on which to focus.  Jack Diamond doesn’t seem to have a care in the world.  An easygoing senior who has no clue what he wants to do with his life, he’s just interested in enjoying his final year of college.  Sometimes that’s tequila, sometimes that’s video games, and sometimes that’s a beautiful stranger kissing him in a rainstorm.  And when that beautiful stranger shows up at the frat house door, it no longer matters that he never caught her name when they first met.


What follows isn’t a whirlwind romance, but a deal, an agreement to try being friends with benefits.  Lots of super hot benefits.  Benefits you might just have to read a few times over before continuing to the next chapter.  But as everyone knows, once you cross that line… Not your typical romance novel, Love Show masquerades as just another case of opposites attracting, but that’s only one insignificant piece of this wonderful story.  It’s friendship, fun, and growing up and finding out who you are.  It’s dreams and determination and falling in love, whether you want to or not.  It’s making your own way and recognizing your own mistakes.  It’s absolutely addicting and kept me in suspense, just waiting for these two to finally give in, without overused plot devices and clichés.  It’s quite simply perfect.


In Hadley, Audrey Bell created a strong, determined female lead that isn’t overdone, isn’t difficult to relate to, and isn’t some badass convinced she can always have things her way.  For all her success and dedication to the career she’s always dreamed of having, she’s just as silly and lost and worried about losing her heart as any other girl her age.  Where characters like her are often written in a way that makes you want to shake them till they come to their senses, Hadley is so much more.  Her character makes sense, even when her actions push Jack away.  Speaking of Jack… … … … … I don’t think I can find the right words, but I’ll give it a shot.  He’s incredibly hot, amazingly sweet, and hilariously ridiculous.  He’s not the asshole frat boy I expected, not the hard shell that needs to be cracked.  He’s laid back and accepting and all about having fun.  He’s so good to Hadley and doesn’t hesitate to come to the rescue when David finds himself in an awful situation.  But for all his perfection, he’s also very real, which is quite the standout accomplishment when it comes to contemporary romances.

divThe Verdict...
Have you ever read a book you loved so much that you would hate to see a sequel of it?  Love Show is that book, and the story played out and wrapped up so perfectly that wishing for more seems awful risky.  I mean, how do you continue and improve upon something that couldn’t possibly be any better?

Above all, Love Show accomplishes what so many other books have failed to do for me.  The witty banter made me laugh and genuine friendship between Hadley and Jack made them perfect for each other, not to mention a perfect escape for me.

“We should probably have some rules.”


“Like what?”


“No presents. Definitely no flowers. I’m not doing your laundry, making you cookies, or coming to your formal. Don’t ask me to,” I said. I cocked my head. “No dates. No romantic comedies. No sleepovers. No saying I love you. No buying me drinks. No Valentine’s Day, nicknames, baby talk, chocolate, or Taylor Swift concerts.”


He looked at me closely. “You’re serious?”


“Yes,” I said. “Why?”


“This feels like a trap.”



“Because you just made it against the rules to do any of the things that every guy doesn’t want to do with his girlfriend.”

That right there?  That’s the beginning of something amazing.  Love Show kept me guessing, straying from the standard recipe for opposites attract and creating something very new in a sea of almost identical romance books.  It had me convinced they were going to live happily ever after, convinced they would never make it, convinced that someone was going to die and I was going to start a hate letter campaign to the author — if I wasn’t too lazy to actually write one out.  And by the time I’d finished reading it, I was convinced I’d read something truly unique, even in its New Adult simplicity, that I absolutely must recommend to anyone who’s a fan of love when you least expect it.



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