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{Review} The Wild One by Megan Vernon

The Wild One - Megan Vernon

After One Wild Night and Wild Hearts, we finally get a peek inside the mind of Wes, and he doesn’t disappoint.


After a hasty Vegas marriage to a woman he thought was his meal ticket, Wes in in Chicago, and he’s doing everything he can to avoid those divorce papers.  Sure, she doesn’t have the bank account he’d hoped for, but she has everything else that initially attracted him to her — beauty, brains, determination, and the kind of strength and confidence he can’t help but admire.


But now her old “friend with benefits” is making a play for her, and when it comes to having something to offer, Wall Street suit and tie Max seems to have the edge on Wes.  But the more time Wes spends with Valerie, the more he loves her.  Now he just needs to convince her she’s worth loving.




ButI’m about done with the crap editing in this series.  Everything else about the books is a lot of fun, but finding someone who knows the difference between who’s and whose, who is willing to use commas where basic grammar rules require them, and who actually puts periods at the ends of sentences shouldn’t be that hard.  Especially when the book is only about 50 pages long.  Like I’ve said before, I don’t expect authors to get that part perfect, but I do expect their editors to understand and actually use the basic rules of the English language.  It’s hard to enjoy a story, no matter how well written it is, when the bad editing is distracting you from all the good stuff.




TheVerdictIf I didn’t love Wes before (and honestly, I was on the fence for a while), I certainly do now.  He’s a genuine guy, and no matter how good he looks, he’s not looking down his nose at anyone.  Valerie’s lack of self-confidence when it comes to her weight is a bit frustrating, but then again, she doesn’t get to read Wes’s thoughts like the rest of us do, so I really can’t blame her for playing it safe when it comes to her heart.  The Wild One is a great continuation of the set up provided for the first two books, and with that mischievous ending?  The next books in the series are gonna be awesome.  Dare I hope an awesome new editor joins the fun as well?




Forever Wild Series


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