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{Review} Brash by Nicola Marsh

Brash - Nicola Marsh

Roped into planning her cousin’s wedding, Jess can’t help but wish she had some of the same seductive grace that the burlesque dancers at her cousin’s club possess.  It would certainly come in handy right about now, when she unexpectedly finds herself not only face-to-face but working with the man who first stole her heart so many years ago.


Jack’s career has taken off in ways he never expected, and he owes it all to his good friend, Jess’s brother Reid.  He’d never do anything to compromise their friendship, which is why he resisted Jess that summer they first met, and it’s why he’s determined to resist her now.  If only that were possible.  With some advice from her cousin and the other burlesque dancers, Jess turns up the heat, and for all his good intentions, Jack can’t possibly turn her down again.


Jess and Jack’s attraction to each other is undeniable, and it flares up with the same incredible intensity it had inBefore.  Only this time, maturity and freedom are on their side, and they can finally do something about it.  He may be a world-renowned chef, and she may be an independent, talented wedding planner, but inside they’re exactly the same people that fell in love all those years ago.  A beautiful island and lots of alone time can only lead to one thing…


ButThe ending was very sudden and extreme.  One moment they were fighting it out, saying things they should have been telling each other all along, and the next… instant happily-ever-after.  Don’t get me wrong; I wanted them to work it out.  It was just happened so fast that it felt like the end of the book was rushed, like the story was at it’s word count limit and the author had no choice but to wrap it up.


TheVerdictStill loved the story.  It was a wonderful conclusion to what I started reading in Before, and it was great to see that despite the passing of a few years, everything they’d loved about each other remained.  They may have grown up and made lives for themselves, but everything that made them so perfect for each other the first time around just got stronger.  And of course, as adults who were entirely capable of making their own decisions, they were in just the right place for things to heat up perfectly in the bedroom.  Before made me fall in love with these two, and Brash took it to the next level.



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