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{Review} Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly

Waking Up Married - Mira Lyn Kelly

Megan Scott isn’t going to put her plans on hold for a man who probably doesn’t even exist.  Unlucky so far in love, she longs for a child, and if that means hitting the sperm bank, so be it.  So when she wakes up in Vegas on the eve of her cousin’s wedding and finds herself married to a stranger whose name she can’t even get right, she has one hell of a mess to clean up.


Connor Reed doesn’t believe in love, but that won’t stop him from having the family he’s always dreamed of.  All he has to do is find a woman he can respect, a woman who wants the same things he does, a woman he likes enough to remain faithful to and spend the rest of his life with.  Just because they’re not in love doesn’t mean they can’t be happy together.  He just didn’t expect to find her so easily, and now that he has, he’s not going to let her walk away without at least considering what he has to offer.


Waking Up Married is anything but your typical got-married-by-mistake-in-Vegas story.  Neither one of the characters is desperate or utterly down on their luck, neither is dead set on idealized love, and neither is risking their place in society or career in remaining married to one another.  But for all his positive traits, Connor is emotionally unavailable, and while he offers Megan just about everything she’s ever dreamed of, he won’t give her his heart, something she didn’t even realize she wanted until they’ve decided to give it a go.  Theirs is a story of two seemingly unconventional people who find themselves not so opposed to the convention of marriage after all.


divTheVerdict Bad choice in cover art aside, this book was a complete surprise.  I thought I’d read every take on the whole drunken Vegas marriage thing, but Waking Up Married was none of those.  Megan is fiercely independent, career-minded, and level-headed.  And for all his anti-love theories, Connor is considerate and quite romantic.


Neither one of them are foolish enough to fall head over heels for each other the second they decide to give their marriage a chance.  In fact, even though Megan agrees to a three-month trial, she spends much of that time doing everything she can to show him that she is not in fact the perfect wife.  From smelly face masks to terrible crimes of the culinary kind, Megan tries to crack Connor’s cool confidence that this marriage between virtual strangers is actually worth seeing through.  What follows are surprisingly sweet, often romantic, and occasionally hilarious moments of marriage without the rose-colored veneer of fantasy.


If you’re looking for something fun, different, and ultimately headed toward a great happily ever after, complete with intense sexual attraction, check it out.  You’ll likely want to finish it in one sitting!


Not sure how much longer it will be available, but as of this post, Harlequin is offering a free download of the full book Waking Up Married.





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