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{Review} Forty 2 Days by Georgia Le Carre

Forty 2 Days - Georgia Le Carre

ReasonsToReadWhen Lana ran, she expected never to see Blake again.  But just as she’s beginning to get her life back together, he appears seemingly out of nowhere.  He’s cold, angry, and bitter, and he wants the forty-two days she still owes from their original contract.  Still in love with him and with a misplaced sense of responsibility, she agrees, knowing this just might break her.


Losing control isn’t something Blake allows himself to do, but it seems he can’t stop himself.  Despite Lana’s betrayal, he can’t stay away from her, has been waiting for her, has been looking for her.  The only weapon in his arsenal, though, is their unfinished contract, so he uses that to bring her back into his life.  Only his life isn’t as privileged and easy as one would think, and when terrible, dark secrets emerge, he’ll have to choose between the legacy of his family and the woman he loves.



TheVerdictDamn.  If you read my review of The Billionaire Banker, you know how desperate I was to get my hands on this sequel.  But it was nothing like what I expected.  The story starts out well enough, with Lana and Blake reconnecting, so to speak, even though he’s almost cruel in his bitterness and treatment of her.  The fact that she allows it should have irked me more, but I was convinced that the end would justify the means.  But then everything went horribly off track.


The fact is that I don’t much like dark stories, romance or not, so when Forty2 Days veered off into conspiracy and occult territory, I ended up pretty lost.

Years ago, I picked up a box of books at some church garage sale thing, and I remember being about 70% through one of the books when the font changed, the scenes seemed horribly out of place, and new characters were introduced like I should have already known who they were.  I flipped a few pages, looked at the page headers, and realized that there’d been some crazy publishing mishap.  As nutty as it sounds, an entire chapter of a completely different and unrelated book had somehow ended up smack dab in the middle of the one I’d been reading.  The binding was perfect, and it was clearly a publishing error.  So when Lana and Blake’s story took a turn for the strange, I stopped, glanced through a few more pages, and honestly thought there was a good chance the ebook I was reading had run into the same sort of issue.  Granted, I’ve only ever seen that happen with that one book years ago, but it seemed that was the only logical explanation for what I was now reading.  No such luck, though.


I suppose it’s not a bad story; it’s just so far outside my comfort zone that I stopped enjoying it when things got weird.  I thought I was getting a romance with maybe some heavy angst and erotica… I’m not even sure how to describe what I ended up reading.  The romance was there, the erotica was there, and the angst was there.  But then there was this totally different, far-fetched piece in the mix that just made me uncomfortable.  I think people who like dark romance, heavy drama, and wild conspiracies just might love it; it just wasn’t the right book for me.



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