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{Review} The Wild Side by Magan Vernon

The Wild Side - Magan Vernon

Our favorite maybe couple are back, and they seem to be a little closer to replacing that “maybe” with “definitely.”


After marrying Wes in Vegas and bringing him back to Chicago with her, Valerie’s world just keeps changing.  She’s growing closer and closer to the virtual stranger she married, and while she though she had no place for him in her life, he’s fitting in unexpectedly well.  He may have been looking to freeload off a successful woman, but he’s already establishing himself as a personal trainer.


And now that her status has changed from single to married, Valerie’s career is about to change as well.  Her friends from work, the ones from which she’s still learning the publicist ropes, are splitting off and launching their own company.  And they want Valerie to come with them.  The opportunities will be greater, the potential for a bigger salary will be greater, and the chances she’ll have to work with her former pseudo-friend-with-benefits might just turn into one big headache.


She’s falling more and more in love with Wes with each day that goes by, but can she really maintain a professional relationship with Maxwell and still hang onto Wes?  Not if Max keeps tossing his money and power around to undermine Wes.


divTheVerdictThis “episode” didn’t turn out at all the way I thought it would, and I’m sooooo glad.  The summary made it seem like the perfect recipe for a gigantic, jealous misunderstanding a little too early for Wes and Valerie, too far before these two have worked out their feelings for each other.  They’re both struggling to find their way, but they’re not being hot-headed about it.  I’m not suggesting it won’t play out that way in the next book, and given that Max is still hanging around, it wouldn’t surprise me, but so far it’s paced out to be more believable than the standard cliche.


The lack of heavy drama in some ways made this book feel more like filler than forward movement.  It’s not empty filler, though.  Instead, it’s a subtle step in the right direction, allowing the characters to better establish things and begin admitting — at least to themselves — that a quickie wedding might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to them.  I have the feeling I’ve just been perfectly set up for what’s going to happen next, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the series.




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