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{Review} Time or Money by Carly Fall

Time or Money - Carly Fall

Married for five years, Mason and Bridget are at a turning point in their marriage.  His desire to make partner at his firm has had Mason working long hours for far too long, and it’s taken its toll on their relationship.  Driven to escape the poverty of his childhood, all Mason wants to do is provide a secure future for them.  But what kind of future can they have if he’s never there?


Bridget is sick of waiting.  Waiting for things to get better, waiting for their financial status to be enough, waiting for her husband to act like he’s interested in anything other than his career.  She misses the days when they had nothing but boxed dinners, a shabby futon, and each other, and their beautiful but empty home isn’t enough to keep their marriage going anymore.


Mason’s planned the perfect Valentine’s getaway for them both, determined to rekindle their marriage, to save it before it’s too late.  But a series of mishaps and one neglected wife may just lay those plans to waste.


TheVerdictThe saddest ends to marriages are those in which the couple did nothing wrong, when they still love each other, when they can’t quite figure out how things got so bad or how they can get the good back.  Time or Money describes it perfectly, that short window in which everyone’s feelings are on high while their relationship seems to be falling apart.  It’s a desperate, lonely, defeated feeling, and it’s so clearly portrayed with Mason and Bridget.


Mason’s goodness shines through, even though one could easily blame him for putting his career ambitions ahead of his marriage.  While the story is too short to give any in-depth insight into his background, it’s clear that he’s not chasing partner for selfish reasons, and the last thing he wants to do is lose his wife in the process.  Bridget, on the other hand, is the epitome of the neglected wife.  Torn between demanding that her husband give up career aspirations obviously important to him and simply giving up on what seems to be their doomed marriage, she’s falling apart inside.


But despite the angsty premise, Time or Money is not about a failing marriage; it’s about saving it.  It’s an emotional journey but one that anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship will readily recognize, and the well-earned sweet ending is worth the short but angsty ride.





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