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{Review} Undying by Valerie Grosjean

Undying - Valerie Grosjean

When Christian went to sleep last night, everything was perfectly normal.  His roommate was out, probably to come home later with some nameless girl, he was planning on heading home for the weekend, and he had plans with the girl he loved.  But then he wakes up to a nightmare.


They think it was someone on drugs, maybe the bath salts that the media was warning everyone about.  But when more than just the one girl down the hall goes for blood, when bodies are everywhere, when someone who was dead just minutes before rises up and attacks, Christian knows exactly what’s happening.  He may not entirely believe it, but he knows.  




Stealing his roommates car because his own is out of gas,  he heads for home, heads for the last place Iris said she’d be, stranded on the side of the road with a dead car.  If she’s still alive, they can go to his parents’ farm, a place with weapons and fresh water and a food supply.  But the more undead he sees, the more it seems impossible…until he finds a note in Iris’s abandoned car.


ButHonestly?  It was a little too much gore for me.  I was expecting “a story of love … with zombies,” like the synopsis promised.  But what I got was “a story of zombie horror … with infatuation and possibly unrequited love.”  And of course, someone behind the scenes resorted to the dreaded cliffhanger.  So maybe I should say it’s “a story of zombie horror … with infatuation and possibly unrequited love … and a really frustrating pseudo-ending.”  For me, cliffhangers quickly reduce my enjoyment of books, hence the not-so-perfect rating.  I don’t mind when a door is left open for another book, but when it all ends without really resolving the one big issue?  Dammit!  Then again, I suppose if I didn’t like the story, it wouldn’t have bothered me so much.


TheVerdictIt wasn’t the ideal book for me, but I have the feeling zombie fans will love it, especially those that don’t mind getting half the story now and then waiting for whatever’s going to happen next.  When Christian was unexpectedly thrown into the role of hero, he was lost and desperate, and his escape from a horrific fate was sheer luck — which I found wonderfully realistic.  I mean, who among us would be even close to prepared if all order and society just vanished?  Undying is a fast-paced, quick read filled with heart-stopping suspense and descriptive writing that plays out like a movie in your mind, placing you right in the center of the tense action.  So even though I might have to skim through a few scenes next time, I may just have to check out the next book whenever it pops up.



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