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{Review} Wanton Heat by Nicola Marsh

Wanton Heat - Nicola Marsh

Zoe Keaton has a hell of an opportunity in front of her, and it’s her one big chance to make up for the mistakes she made with her ad agency’s other — now former — clients.  Her business partner may not know that Zoe’s take-no-prisoners attitude is what lost them several accounts, but Zoe’s still determined to make up for it.  And no sexy, brooding prince is going to stand in her way.


Prince Dominic Ricci is still reeling from the quick succession of losses that took his parents and fiance, and while he’ll humor his grandmother by listening to an ad exec’s pitch, he has no intention of letting anything mar the undeveloped island his father loved so much.  He’s spent his whole life dealing with people who want something from him, and his current guest is no different.  Except that she kidnaps him.


Conspiring with the prince’s grandmother, a woman known rather well among the locals for her matchmaking skills, Zoe manages to get Dominic to a nearby island just as a storm hits, stranding them for days with only each other for company.  And that’s when things start to get interesting…


“News flash, Your Hot Highness.” She waved a hand between them. “I’ll never be good for you. So let’s settle for me being bad, okay?” She stepped forward, bringing her within tantalizing touching distance again. “Trust me. Me being bad can only be good.”




TheVerdictWanton Heat is an incredibly fun read, and the chemistry between Zoe and Dominic is just…wow.  From their first meeting until the very end, Zoe’s refreshingly real, rarely hesitating to speak her mind and not holding back when it comes to what — or who —  she wants.  And oh, how she wants.  Lucky for her, Dominic is of a like mind, and while he detests her reason for being there, he can barely control himself around her.  Well, let’s be honest; he doesn’t exactly control himself at all.


Zoe’s character didn’t surprise me nearly as much as how much I liked her.  I expected her to be brazen and willful, but where I usually feel those traits are overdone, she had just the right amount of vulnerability to even things out and make me truly understand her.  Her reasons for not necessarily believing in love and relationships were pretty standard, but she didn’t overdo the angst or inner reflections.  She just was who she was and didn’t throw up a million walls the second things began to change.  It made seeing things from her point of view a believable adventure.


And Dominic… Well, that first meeting painted a pretty incredible picture and set the tone for the rest of the story. He’s sex on legs, with a crown to boot, so while his attitude might not make him Prince Charming, he’s a hell of a lot more interesting as Prince Charming the Pants Off Zoe.  If only I were an ad exec on my way to an imaginary island tomorrow!  While not a super-short book, Wanton Heat is such a fun read that I was finished with it in no time, and I can’t wait to see what Nicola Marsh writes next!



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