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{Review} Wild For You by Magan Vernon

Wild For You - Magan Vernon

Valerie’s feelings for the man she accidentally married are growing too much to deny any longer, and while she may have thought at first that she’d made a huge mistake, she’s beginning to admit to herself that she doesn’t want to let him go.  Beginning her new job, though, she’s still stuck working with Max, and he’s treating her differently, more like someone he cares about than he ever did before.


Wes isn’t really sure what the future holds, but he’s trying to make sure Valerie sees that it’s something they should find out together.  He’s even getting along with her roommate — well, as much as anyone can.  After his confrontation with Max in the last book, he knows better than to trust the man’s actions, and he certainly doesn’t trust his intentions.  But when jealously rears its ugly head and Max refuses to give up, things take a turn for the dramatic.




TheVerdictI (like probably everyone else reading the series) have been waiting for it all to come to this point.  Valerie and Wes are past the point of denying their very real feelings for each other, and while that part may be pretty easy to get comfortable with, Max is still lurking in the shadows.  Strangely, though, I like Max’s character a little better in this book.  Not that I think he should get another chance with Valerie, but for all his smarminess, there’s a degree of humanity left.  Sure he’s still self-serving, and it doesn’t exactly make up for everything that he only now is willing to step up and offer a real relationship to Valerie, but despite his rather cliche attempt to buy Wes off, it now seems that he’s not a complete jerk.  He was just too stupid and selfish to recognize a good thing when he had it.


Wes, true to form, is still a sweetheart, though I was disappointed in how the book ended.  I won’t call it a cliffhanger, since I think it’s pretty obvious that the next and last book in the series will bring a happily ever after, but it definitely stopped right in the middle of the dramatic arc.  I just hadn’t really pictured Wes as the type of guy would would so easily give up and slink away.  In any case, just one more book, and I’ll have all the answers I need — one of which, I hope, is why the guy who was determined to keep their marriage so quickly changed his tune when faced with their first really big conflict.  It was the perfect opportunity for the big declaration, and he wasted it.



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