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{Review & Giveaway} Falling for the Wingman by Crista McHugh

Falling for the Wingman - Crista McHugh

Caleb Kelly returns from Afghanistan expecting a reunion with his girlfriend, but what he gets is a Dear John letter left for him in his empty house.  After months of supportive emails throughout his tour, her abandoning their relationship just doesn’t make sense, so he does what anyone would do.  He goes after her to demand answers, convince her to come home, and pick back up the life he left off when he was deployed.


Alex Leadbetter can’t imagine why her sister would walk away from a man like Caleb.  Then again, Kourtney’s always been selfish, so the chances of her ever living the life of an Air Force wife were pretty slim to begin with.  Alex knows Caleb deserves better, deserves someone to support him, so she hacked into Kourtney’s email and gave Caleb the encouragement her sister didn’t.  Only now Caleb’s back, still in love with Kourtney and trying like hell to prevent her from marrying someone else.  Alex can’t tell him the truth, but maybe if she serves as his wingman, pretends to be with him to spark Kourtney’s jealousy, the time it takes them to pull off their plan will be just enough time for Caleb to take off his blinders and see that Alex is the one for him.




Judging CoversNo way is the dorktastic dude on the cover the same Caleb who turns women’s heads everywhere he goes.  Absolutely no way.



TheVerdictYou know those books, the ones that just make you all stupid happy while you’re reading them?  The ones that don’t pile on the needless angst too high but have just the right amount of drama to keep things interesting?  The ones with characters you’d think would be walking cliches but instead have just enough realism to break the tired mold?  Yep, that’s this book.


Different from the other books so far in the series, Falling for the Wingman doesn’t rely so heavily on a constant rotation of sex scenes, and the characters are more fully developed. Alex is the kind of female character so many authors try to create but few actually succeed at.  She’s fun and adventurous and strong and unwilling to compromise herself for social standing or appearance.  But she’s doesn’t have those sharp edges that take away the sweet or romantic side.  Sure, she’s a muscle car junkie and a skilled mechanic, but sh’e also just a small town girl with a big time crush.


And Caleb… He’s so damned hot without being a total manwhore (though it’s clear he’s been one in the past), and while he has his moments of ultimate male stupidity, he doesn’t do that annoying total denial thing that you might expect.  Sure, he thinks he’s in love with Alex’s sister, but he’s not blind to the feelings he’s developing for Alex, and when the heat turns up… oh my!  The easy, laid back friendship Caleb and Alex strike up is both adorable and believable.  It’s a bit of fluff without the saccharine, and it leads right into an incredible chemistry.  In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t believe that two people can fall in love over the course of just a few days, but I guess that just speaks to how convincing the story is, since I didn’t question that once while I was reading.


Falling for the Wingman is simple romance done right, taking what should have been an overused plot and turning it into something entirely new while retaining what we all love about stories that throw romance at two unsuspecting conspirators.  If you like your romance reads flirty and fun, this one’s got your name all over it.



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