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{Review} Wild by Magan Vernon

Wild (Forever Wild) - Magan Vernon

The story of Valerie and Wes comes full circle when Wes runs back to Vegas, and Valerie sets off on her own to find him.


Broken hearted and crushed by guilt, Wes is gone.  He’s not answering her calls or texts, and Valerie has few clues about where he might be, but she’ll scour the city’s seediest streets if that’s what it takes to find the best thing that ever happened to her.




TheVerdictThis book was a bit of a departure from the others, and while in some ways it makes sense to go back to the beginning, it took me out of the element of the relationship I’d enjoyed so much.

Their story began in Vegas, complete with a male revue, but the following books took us to Chicago, to every day life and work and trying to make a go of their relationship.  In a sense, it quickly redeemed Wes in my eyes.  He went from a gold-digging stripper to a good-hearted man once he was away from the city without a soul, and it made Valerie’s falling for him all the more believable.


But in Wild, that easy comfort of living day-to-day life with each other flies out the window and is replaced by the seediness of a strange “modelling” gig that even manages to ensnare Valerie.  Whereas Valerie has previously been strong-minded and independent, it was oddly out of character for her to agree to the gig, no questions asked.  The Valerie I know wouldn’t have simply changed into skimpy lingerie and allowed herself to be driven out into the desert.


Fortunately, they return to Chicago before it all ends, but even that didn’t really sit right with me.  I mean, they find out Max is embezzling money and stashing it in a fake children’s charity, and they just use that to blackmail him into leaving them alone?  I realize they don’t want him in their lives, but that’s one hell of a crime to overlook and use only to their own advantage.   


I don’t know.  The series overall is okay, but too many things about this last book just lost me, and I found myself skimming to the end.



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