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{Review & Giveaway} Stroke of Love by Melissa Foster

Stroke of Love (Love in Bloom: The Remingtons) - Melissa Foster

Sage Remington knows something is missing in his life.  He just doesn’t know what it is.  Seeking an escape from New York City and the perpetual feeling of being lost, he joins a group providing humanitarian aid to a remote, impoverished village in Belize.  Amid the sweltering heat, swarms of insects, and selfish celebrities looking to clean up their tarnished images, Sage stumbles upon the very thing to give him hope — love.


Kate Parello knows better than to put any faith in the volunteers that show up at the village several times a year.  They’re rich, spoiled, and never interested in the charitable work they’ve signed up to do.  A few photo ops with with a smiling kid, holding a paint brush just long enough for the flash to go off, and pretending they care is about all she’ll get out of them.  So when a rich and famous artist steps off the bus, she knows better than to get involved with him.  Only he’s different than the rest, no matter what she tells herself, and when he puts his heart into bettering the lives of the villagers, he opens up a piece of Kate’s heart as well.




TheVerdictMelissa Foster is a genius when it comes to writing series.  She’s created a series in which every story is completely different from the last, and every character is someone entirely new.  Where most series have me screaming bloody murder over a cliffhanger or lose some of their magic as a tried and true formula is recycled into each additional book, The Remingtons series delivers the unexpected.


Sage is nothing like the brother we met in the last book.  Okay, so he’s gorgeous and rich, and Mama raised him right, but where Dex was a successful software geek, Sage is the tortured and inspired artist.  He can’t stand the emptiness of the life he’s been living, not because he has no special woman in his life, but because despite losing himself in his art, he’s not making a difference in the world.  And Kate is exactly what he needs.


The chemistry between them is undeniable, and while Kate may have some preconceived notions about the rich and famous, they’re quickly dismissed as Sage’s honest and humble ways come to light.  The romance develops quickly, as their time together in Belize is rather short, but it somehow seems perfectly paced and not so much instant infatuation as something believable and real.  And while Sage’s financial status adds possibilities, it’s not used as a magic cure-all for their relationship or their work with the underserved.


Stroke of Love is a simple but heated romance between two entirely loveable characters, each with their fair share of flaws, and I can’t wait to see where the next book in the series takes me.

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