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{Review & Giveaway} Lost in Us by Layla Hagen

Lost in Us (Lost in Us, #1) - Layla Hagen

Entrepreneur James has the world at his feet.  He’s successful, rich, handsome, and charismatic, and he has no qualms about using that to get any woman he wants.

Serena is still reeling from the sudden and devastating end of her long-term relationship, and while she may be wallowing inside, outside she’s doing everything she can to get over it and move on.  A no-strings-attached tryst with James seems like the perfect balm, but once they’ve each had a taste, walking away is impossible.




ButJames… I get the attraction; I really do.  But he’s still a walking, talking cliche.  Commitment-phobe, manwhore, you name it, that’s him.  He’s the quintessential rich guy who’s too selfish and self-absorbed to treat women with even the slightest of respect, and Serena’s the idiot who’s just vulnerable enough to fall for it.  But aren't we all idiots for love?


And speaking of falling, it happens awfully fast.  A few dates, and these two are fated, it seems.  I could understand if Serena was simply rebounding, but what’s James’s excuse?




TheVerdictOkay, manwhore rant concluded, Lost in Us is an angsty, drama-filled ride that doesn’t let go until the very last page.  With James’s dark past and Serena’s broken present, these two are practically combustible.  There are constant hurdles and obstacles, more ends and beginnings than is probably healthy, and through it all a pull to each other that neither of them can ignore.  They’re hot and then cold and then just plain on fire.  If you like your romance messy and heated, Lost in Us is most definitely the book for you.




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