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{Review & Giveaway} The Accidental Socialite by Stephanie Wahlstrom

The Accidental Socialite: Volume 1 - Stephanie Wahlstrom

Paige Crawford latches onto adventure and lets it carry her from her home in Canada to a new life in London.  But while she may have acquired a fresh start, she can’t shed her clumsiness, and this time it lands her not sprawled on the pavement but splashed across the tabloids.  Overnight she goes from invisible to chased by the paparazzi, getting a firsthand look at life in the limelight.




TheVerdict The Accidental Socialite is part comedy of errors, part life lesson.  Paige is endearingly human, from tripping right into a famous athlete to a rather embarrassing incident during yoga, and she’s just as lost in the unexpected fame as most of us would be.  From the surprise of being front-page news to stumbling her way through soirees with the rich, famous, and spoiled, every scene is a new (and not always great) adventure.


But while the lesson may be that living in a fame fishbowl is no picnic, the story remains a light-hearted, fun read, with lots of laugh out loud and even a few cringe-worthy moments.  And between the laughs, Paige learns who she is, what’s important, and what doesn’t matter so much after all.  If you’re looking for something fun and generally angst-free, pick it up.  It’s a cute read that will play out in your mind like one of those movies you hit up on girls night.




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