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{Review} Crossing the Line by Nicola Marsh

Crossing the Line (World Apart, book 1) - Nicola Marsh

On break from school, Mia Cresswell just wants to be fun.  She’s tired of being the somewhat nerdy, studious girl who never has a date, and now that she’s home at her father’s tennis academy — a campus well stocked with athletes galore — maybe she can let loose for once.  And maybe the guy she sees standing apart from the others, the drop dead gorgeous one with a bad boy edge to him, can help her with that.


Kye Sheldon knows this place is his last chance.  Having been kicked out of Australia’s number one academy, he’s lucky his dad could pull some strings and get him into Cresswell, even if he feels like he doesn’t really belong.  Tennis is all he’s got, though, and he can’t afford to screw it up, even if the boss’s daughter is tempting him to throw it all away.




TheVerdictOh, how I love this story!  I was hooked within the first chapter, and I couldn’t put it down till it was over.


Mia’s privileged but not full of herself, and it’s her insecurities that have her brazenly pursuing a fling with one of her dad’s students.  But where most books like this would use that to have her living a double life or completely change who she is, Mia doesn’t really flip over to the wild side, despite the fun she’s having with Kye.  Her honestly shines through from the beginning, and while she might hide the relationship from her father, she doesn’t hide much from Kye, pursuing him even as he tells her they can’t have a relationship.


And Kye… Well, he’s confident but not cocky, and the way he immediately recognizes a certain vulnerability and goodness in Mia just sets the stage for the entire story.  He’s wounded from his crappy childhood but doing everything he can to overcome it, and there’s an honesty in the way he and Mia come together that could have been cheesy as hell but instead was just perfect.


Mia’s inexperience isn’t focused on, but the ways in which it’s revealed in certain moments with Kye are ridiculously cute and endearing.  Their relationship is incredibly sweet and oh so heated, and it’s really the perfect recipe for a romance story.


Of course, there’s drama, but I love the straightforward way in which it was resolved, with Mia not backing down from her convictions and Kye refusing to play into that stereotypical romance book standard, where the guy tries to pretend he’s fine with the way things have turned out.  Crossing the Line is a quick read, a sweet love story with two great characters who avoid the formulaic pitfalls of most romances.  And (lucky me!) there’s a second book coming that delves into Mia’s best friend Dani’s story!




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