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{Review} Sisters in White by Melissa Foster

Sisters in White - Melissa Foster

Sisters Danica and Kaylie are getting the day they’ve both been dreaming of since they were little girls — their wedding day.  But their double wedding in the Bahamas isn’t quite as breezy as they’d plannedWhen their father, stepmother, and half-sister are invited, family drama can’t be avoided.


Danica’s trying to do the right thing, Kaylie’s trying to avoid it entirely, and their half-sister Lacy wants nothing more than a relationship with the two sisters she idolizes.  Meanwhile, their parents are brewing up a storm almost as strong as the one hovering in the air and threatening to turn their tropical wedding into a natural disaster.


The Verdict: I found the family dynamic here fascinatingly realistic.  Danica is pragmatic, Kaylie’s emotions are on high, and Lacy is a living, breathing reminder of the broken home in which they grew up.


Most interesting, though, is the freedom now seen in Danica and Kaylie.  Where Kaylie used to wear her wild side like a shield, finding love has allowed her to let down that guard and approach life with less abandon.  Of course, she’s still Kaylie, and she can have fun or throw a tantrum with the best of them, but it’s nice to see her grow up a bit now that she’s fallen in love.


Likewise, Danica isn’t as rigid as she started out in Sisters in Love.  We saw a little of her letting loose when she gave into her feelings for Blake, but in this book, she shows an adventurous side we haven’t really seen in her before.  She and Kaylie were polar opposites in the beginning, and now that they’ve each found happiness and love, they’re letting down their opposing walls and rounding out their lives.


Of course, all the family drama going on had me wondering at times if the big wedding would actually happen, but as I hoped, it turned out to be a really fun story, with the kind of family mess most of us can relate to in some way or another, and characters who kept things interesting every step of the way.


Now to find out what happens in the next part of the series with the Bradens!



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