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{Review} Collide by Juliana Stone

Collide - Juliana Stone

Their love has always been a disaster, and when it all came to a head, Bobbi and Shane were left in tatters.  Bobbi’s moved on with her life, becoming some plastic, pseudo-perfect version of her former self and getting engaged to a guy who is everything she could ever want — on the surface.


Shane knows better than to think he and Bobbi will ever be anything but explosive together — and not in a good way.  They’d ripped each other apart before he landed in prison, and now that he’s back, she’s a shadow of the woman he remembers.  But when she shows up at a bar instead of at her own wedding, they’re in for a messy trip down memory lane.


But...Unfortunately, the editing is just as bad in this one as it was in Offside. Still a great story, but the mistakes were pretty glaring, and it just irks the hell out of me when a story I love this much doesn’t get that part of the work it deserves.


The Verdict:  Okay, I have to admit that I absolutely hated Bobbi in Offside, and that made me curious about seeing things through her jaded eyes.  But what I really wanted to read about was Shane.  He was so incredibly hot in the first book, even though he wasn’t a main player, that I was dying to see more of him.


Sadly, the closer look into Shane’s mind took away some of that delectable mystery I loved about him so much in Offside, but damned if he wasn’t still just as twisted up and hot as I’d hoped.  It’s clear that despite every bit of hurt in their pasts, he and Bobbi belong together, and he’s not about to let her get away this time.


And Bobbi… Well, I warmed up to her in the first chapter.  She’d clearly been wearing a mask for far too long, her way of coping with the problems at home and her broken heart.  The snark and banter between her and Shane was to die for, and their chemistry was off the charts.


Of course, like most romances, there was also a secret to be revealed, but it was more heartbreaking than dark, and instead of creating a rift between them, it forced them to reevaluate things and actually give into their very real feelings for each other.  All in all, Collide is another great book, just as evil as the first one in that it made me immediately buy the next one in the series.



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