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{Review & Giveaway} On the Rocks by Alyssa Rose Ivy

On The Rocks (Mixology) - Alyssa Rose Ivy

When a falling out with her family and post-college indecision leave Carly adrift, she escapes to her brother Colin’s house, where a summer at the beach just might be the answer.  But Colin’s girlfriend Maddy is thinking about moving in, and Carly doesn’t want to wear out her welcome, and before she knows it, she finds herself moving in to Maddy’s old place — with two rather hot male roommates.


Macon might miss having Maddy around, but his attention is quickly captured by his new roommate Carly.  She’s fun and flirty and a hell of a lot more than he expected.  She might not have everything figured out yet, but she certainly has his attention, and while he knows better than to get involved with her, he just can’t help himself.  And she doesn’t exactly make resisting easy.


But...  I definitely enjoyed the book, but I don’t think I connected with the characters as much as I did in Shaken Not Stirred. In the first book, I pretty much fell in love with Brody and Macon, and I was all about Maddy picking Colin over the rather mysterious Lyle.  But once Macon’s romance with Carly began, the dynamic duo that was him and Brody sort of faded away, and even though Maddy had some pretty major drama going on, I didn’t see much of her.  I definitely liked Carly, and her relationship with Macon was entertaining, but I guess I just didn’t get quite as invested this time around.


The Verdict:  My own odd distance aside, it was still a fun read.  Carly and Macon are quite the pair, hot and bothered one minute and then cracking jokes the next.  Their banter didn’t fall when their clothes did, and that made for some pretty realistic love scenes.  I mean, sure, sex can be all high temperature, but that doesn’t mean people comfortable joking with each other suddenly switch personalities.  It was really nice to see these two keep making each other laugh throughout the book.


I also liked getting another look at Maddy and Colin.  Their relationship wrapped up neatly in the last book, but that true commitment was still rather new, so it was great that On the Rocks didn’t relegate them entirely to the background, and we got to see them moving forward with their relationship.


Carly's deal with her family was really sad, though, which probably served to keep the story from getting too fluffy.  And who among us hasn’t had some crazy family drama?  Colin’s big brotherly understanding, Brody’s loyalty, and Macon’s protectiveness just sealed the deal.  This group of slowly coupling off friends makes for some great romances.  Frankly, I want to read Shaken Not Stirred again now, and maybe immediately follow with a second reading of On the Rocks.  I have the feeling a back-to-back reading will pull me further into the characters this time.


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