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{Review} Towing the Line by Nicola Marsh

Towing the Line (World Apart, book 2) - Nicola Marsh

Practically ignored by her parents, Dani’s been doing everything she can to be the center of attention her whole life.  And it’s gotten her nowhere but hungover.  Realizing she’s never going to make anything of herself if she stays on the same destructive path, she enrolls in college on the other side of the world and swears off guys, drinking, and drugs.  But you know what they say about the best laid plans…

Ashton barely has time to breathe, much less for a relationship.  With work, art, and his mother’s rapidly diminishing health, he’s been too wrapped up in making ends meet, and his own happiness has fallen by the wayside.  But when an American girl on a bicycle named Clarice knocks him off his feet — literally — something bright sparks, and for once, he’s considering that relationship he didn’t think he had time for.

Judging CoversUmmm…why is Ashton glaring at me?

TheVerdictDani’s situation is just heartbreaking.  She’s the spoiled little rich girl whose parents don’t seem to give a damn about her, and she’s been spiraling out of control for years.  An unplanned pregnancy followed by a devastating miscarriage added another layer to her self-loathing, and she was nothing short of a mess.  It really sounded like she should have been a cliché, and I guess in the most basic definition, she was, but her character stood out as a lot more than that.  She knew what her problem was and that her ways of dealing with it were all wrong, and while she ruminated in angst, she struggled to overcome it and grasp onto some bit of happiness — which Ashton was perfect for.  Ashton had his own issues, and his life had been pretty damned difficult for quite some time.  But he was quick to see that same sense of loss in Dani, and he couldn’t stay away from her.  It was more about understanding than misery loving company, and when they were together, despite all their misgivings and difficulties, they seemed to pull each other out of that dismal place.

Their relationship was so sweet but not at all overdone.  Half the time, Dani was so busy running away from her feelings that I would have been annoyed with her if I hadn’t understood her so well.  And while Ashton could easily have been written as that guy who says all the right things at all the right times, I love that he struggled with the same tendencies and then called her on it when she tried pushing him away.  I also love that money didn’t come into play.  With Dani swimming in funds and Ashton struggling to keep his mother in a fairly luxurious facility, I half expected Dani to come to his financial rescue and was relieved that card wasn’t played.  Instead, their relationship was built entirely on what they felt for each other, the understanding and friendship they could give each other (not to mention the sexual chemistry!), and the only swooping in and saving was done emotionally.

Crossing the Line was a great story, but I think I love Towing the Line even more.  It’s a quick read that doesn’t feel too short, and the extra difficulties faced by both Dani and Ashton made it all the more realistic.  And let’s be honest… Any book that starts out with a note about proper grammar is going to suck me right in!



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